Oxidizer 0.5.5

by David BurnettTuesday October 28th, 2008
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Hi folks.

I’ve just unleashed Oxidizer 0.5.5 on the general public.

Apart from the version number there’s no difference between the last sneak release and this version.



by David BurnettTuesday October 14th, 2008
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As I’ve fixed a few bugs, I’ve decided to release a 0.5.5 version, That means you get to play with a new sneak preview.

The bugs I’ve fixed are….

  • Image save dialog maintains previous settings.
  • Changing the height now updates the width again when the aspect is locked.
  • Conistant labels for co-effs
  • xform window now titled Transformations.
  • Drag and drop from main window to Gene Pool would render a full render for the thumbnail rather
    than a preview.
  • Allow drag and drop from Breeder Result Image Well to Gene Pool.
    Having no comment would crash conversion of genome to Lua format for scripts.

Since I’d also started development for 0.6 you get to play with a couple of new features too.

  • Auto-preview extended to all windows, although there are still a few controls that have not been adjusted to use it.
  • Auto-preview setting persistent between sessions, can be set in preferences.
  • Render Movie as Stills now has jpeg, with quality setting, and 16 bit png options.
  • Preview/Thumbnail Render preferences, allowing you to set the size of the longest dimension of the preview and limit the quality.
  • Bigger preview image wells
  • A few parameters now have sliders.
  • Window size / positions are persistent between sessions.

It should be available now from SourceForge as usual for a sneak preview expect bugs and report them if you find them.


Rumours have it….

by David BurnettThursday January 3rd, 2008
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…that there may be a sneak preview of Oxidizer 0.4.3 at http://oxidizer.sf.net/Oxidizer_4_3.zip.

The same rumours suggest that it might have working progress bars on Leopard and fix a number of crashes related to using the less commonly used OSX colour palette options from the Color Wells.

Other rumours suggest that this release has not been remotely tested on Tiger so users should consider “it still works” as useful feed back if you’re still using OSX 10.4.

The really unreliable rumors discuss the probability that nib hackers, like ralf, might stumble upon a small easter egg, even though its only a couple of days after the start of the new year. Anyone building from CVS will know about that there’s nothing to see and to move along.