License, Terms Of Use

Desktops and all other items hosted here at Rampant Mac are freeware. Individual users are encouraged to install them on personal/coporate computers, make color prints, use in personal documents or for any other purpose as long as such use does not include selling/making a profit from any works posted in our archive.

Artist specific licensing is noted below…

Rampant1, Scott Chitwood

In addition to the terms noted above, those with creative talents have my permission to create derivative works that use my art as a starting point or as a secondary element. I do, however require creative credit and a link back to Rampant Mac as fair trade for derivative works — don’t forget to toss me a link to where the modded file is posted, I may want to give it mention on the front page or elsewhere at Rampant Mac.

Unauthorized distribution of my works bundled with commercial endeavors is not allowed.

Publishers of magazines/CD compiliations should contact me via email in advance of including items from Rampant Mac in their content.

Looking for a PayPal button? Sorry, you won’t find that here. I’ve always been a big proponent of making my art available free of monetary strings.

Questions? Drop me line!

MacHeadCase, Diane Benoit

All works are protected under Creative Commons licensing.


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