History, About

Welcome to version 6.0 of Rampant Mac, now broadcasting as an official dot com along that “fabled internet dirt road”.

RM made its original debut on August 8th, 1999 with a mission to offer up high-quality desktop pictures. Much to my delight, the site was largley successful in that endeavor, and in turn, I was very pleased to have been the inspiration for other emerging desktop artists along the way. As my own skills developed I was able to delve into creating icons and other GUI goodies.

For much of its existence RM was hosted on a personal page at AT&T which was part of my dial up email service account. A 10 MB chunk of disk space wasn’t nearly enough to contain the site, so it was hot linked to five other AT&T sub-accounts and various “free” hosting sites which let it grow to a fairly large presence in the Macintosh GUI community. There was even a time when works by other artists were hosted alongside my creations — good times!

When bandwidth got out of control at the free sites, huge dollars were requested to continue broadcasting from those servers. Since most of the site would be lost I decided to close up shop rather than to carry on with it.

Later on, RM was resurrected as a sub-folder of my “Riverside Design” account at Verio. After a brief time there, the site migrated back to my AT&T webspace up through late February of 2006 when we finally dropped our dial up email service.

Updates at Rampant Mac were few a far between from June 2003 through February 2006. My web presence during those years was focused on owning, writing for, and updating ResExcellence. While I gained great insight and knowledge at the helm, two years and eight months of churning out five updates a week left time for little else in life.

So, that’s the basic background of RM. What does the future hold? I’m a little late to the game on switching from static pages built in Adobe GoLive to this dynamic content generated by WordPress, I like it quite a bit, even though I’m sure there is much for me to learn about it’s proper use.

Part of my plan of attack during this rebuild process is to upload desktops and other goodies that haven’t seen light of day in years. Beyond that, who knows where it will go — the future is wide open…


March 30th, 2006