“And now for something completely different…”

by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday June 3rd, 2009
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Mitchell WayA quick little side trip if you’d like to come along for the ride…

My Tuesday rock band, Mitchell Way, has transmogrified into a bit of more serious endeavor in recent weeks.  Heck, a few folks have gone all wonky allowing us to play parties, shindigs and BBQs for their besotted friends and neighbors.  Good times :^)

So being encouraged (or pushed along a little unwillingly) we dropped a band page on myspace and tossed up a trio of original compositions for the perusal of our families, friends and other fine humans we know.  Getting back to that little side trip mentioned above, we’d be pretty darn excited if you’d take the time to give us a listen or include us as a myspace friend.  In fact, that would be awesomeness to the nth degree!

Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.


  1. MattGranz
         July 15, 2009

    Rock Awn!!!! Great News!

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