Crunchy Stuff

by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday May 13th, 2009
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Let’s call this one like it is; one part Oxidizer and a whole mess of Photoshop work.  Rendered back in November 2008 this one hit my bin of rejects and was promptly forgotten.  Then it found redemption as the header background image/texture for the violet variant of the site CSS.

Take a look at where it started — meh, pretty much a big nothing.  Question is; how to take something like this and push it to another level?  Fire up Photoshop and start toss it around.

Filling the canvas was the initial priority.  Duplicating several layers, blending them using ‘Lighten’ mode, and rotating them to various angles took care of that. Then, working with colour, contrast, applying gradients, merging new layers, filter effects, more gradients, blurs, more merging, even more gradients, etcetera infinitum…  Holy crap Batman, I do get a little carried away once in while.

Crunchy Stuff

Widescreen ( 16:10 )  :  1440×900  :  1680×1050  :  1920×1200  :  2560×1600
Fullscreen ( 4:3 )  :  1024×768  :  1600×1200
Others  :  1280×1024  :  iPhone

Rendered in Oxidizer 0.5.6.

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