The Road to Oxidizer 2.0

by David Burnett • Friday April 24th, 2009
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What, 2.0, hold on version 1.0 isn’t out yet…

Calm down, relax, and take a deep breath. The facts are these…

  • flam3 2.7 is close to a final release.
  • Electric Sheep 2.7 will use flam3 version 2.7
  • The target for Oxidizer 1.0 is to create genomes compatible with Electric Sheep 2.7
  • Erik and Spot have released an initial flam3 2.8 release with a stack of new variations and a few new features.
  • There are certain members of the community who would probably go into a big sulk if I said they had to wait for version 1.0 of Oxidizer to come out before they could play the new toys.

In 10 minutes , 21.37 seconds where will be a new sneak preview Oxidizer

This will be followed by a 0.6 release in roughly 4 weeks.

The main focus on 0.7 will be any change required for the final release of flam3 2.7 and we be released in the same time frame. I may adding other things too. This will be your time to mention any bugs you’ve been keeping quite, or have been thinking ‘He must have noticed that one’ about.

0.8 should be version 1.0 – ho-rah and will be released at roughly the same time as Electric Sheep 2.7 if ES doesn’t get released before hand.

Between the next sneak preview and the release of version 1.0 there may be a sneak preview release of Oxidzer 1.5 (or Oxidizer 2 version 0.1 or something like that)

This will be Oxidizer 0.6 or 0.7 with the absolute minimum amount of work needed to use flam3 2.8’s new features. There is no ETA for this version.

There are one or two lofty goals to aim for between that and the next release of Oxidzer 1.6 / 2 version 0.2. This includes going back to using flam3 as a library rather than calling it as a process and sensible GUI’s for the new features.

One last thing…

Oxidizer change log.

  • Transformation Editor and Xform Editor selections now sync on Leopard, changing Transformation Editor selection will change Xform selection on Tiger but not vice versa, assuming Oxidizer still works on Tiger.
  • Add ‘Add empty genome’ options.
  • Enable new palette mode flam3 parameter.
  • Add creation of loops ala Electric Sheep movies.
  • Can now create a ‘sequence’, i.e. loops for all genomes loaded joined by edges.
  • Got rid of the colour shift option, it’s been obsolete for months.
  • More thumbnails ignore the quality scale and size scale settings.
  • flam3 updated to 2.7.18
  • Loading and Saving of Gradients enabled.
  • Clean up resizing of gradient window.
  • Insert some QT debug prints, will hopefully give some ideas why some people crash on second file save.
  • Add Hue control to the gradient editor.
  • Preview for gradient editor.
  • Changes to quick view index rotation.
  • Fix the centring of windows, should open where they are closed.



  1. tungee
         April 24, 2009

    Must test 053 now!

  2. Scott Chitwood
         April 24, 2009

    Dave drops a bomb, surprises us all late on a Friday, and runs like hell…   :^)

    Duly noted, downloaded, render in progress. Thanks amigo!

  3. pharmagician
         April 24, 2009

    Yum yum – thanks Dave! One q: which file format should gradients for import be?

  4. David Burnett
         April 25, 2009

    Hi Pharm, at the moment it’s just a rough xml format, mainly for just saving and loading gradients made in oxidizer, I hope to expand it to load other formats gradients saved as images’s etc, stick a GUI around, create a gradient library, copy gradients from other genomes and so on at some point in the distant future.

  5. pharmagician
         April 25, 2009

    Okey dokey – thanks again!

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