Presto Change-O Regurgitated

by Scott Chitwood • Sunday April 19th, 2009
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It’s that time again; we’re boarding up the old theme and slapping a new set of graphics up here at the Rampant Ranch™. Hope you like what we’ve got so far, it already feels good and right to my sensibilities. The major building blocks are in place, now it’s time to dig in and refine the sidebar and post content.

One of the really neat things about this theme ( Skittlish ) is the user defined options it offers. When first loaded up the theme defaults to a fixed width of 980 pixels and the orange colour variant.

Skittlish Options

Then, using the buttons located in the upper right corner of the site header, each user can choose whether to use the defaults, or select a fluid width site using one of the other colour variants. I wasn’t too sure about this going in but after seeing how the CSS handles the task I’m actually excited to give it a whirl. Once the default orange variant is complete it should be real easy to code the others with unique header images and sidebar backgrounds.

And, keeping the rest of our little home in mind the forum will be re-themed to better match/complement the new theme. Rolling from there we’ll dip into the wiki CSS.

Comments are welcome as we progress along the road.

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