Time Out, Rewind, Shuffle, Reboot

by Scott Chitwood • Thursday March 12th, 2009
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I think I’ve pushed Oxidizer to my personal limits for the moment, so it’s high time to to refocus my energies towards some site enhancements and updates. A bit of a sore spot is our very ancient Oxidizer 0.3.b tutorial; it just isn’t getting it done anymore. The big O™ has been bounced through Dave’s magic grinder several times over and the fantabulous members of our little niche-within-a-niche group have taught myself and others much more along the way.

We need a better way to share info and keep current with each new build of Oxidizer. And a wiki is the way to make that happen; create an environment where information easy to access and all the kids are happy.

So, to make that happen we’ll be implementing a few other changes along the way.

First thing we’ve got to do is make site readability a priority. Say goodbye to reverse text on a dark background, we need something a bit cleaner and easier on the eyes. Testing of generic themes starts right away in order to see what format suits my fancy.

Upgrade the forum plugin to the latest version to take advantage of new features.

Install the wiki plugin and test it for usability and long term structure.

Start skinning the generic theme to give a bit o’ that Rampant Mac personality.

I think that covers it. More info to come as things progress.

Scotty out!


  1. Scott Chitwood
         March 15, 2009

    Sorry for the loss of comments in this thread! It was either here or a complete loss of the forum database — easy decision!

    If you’d like to use a custom avatar you may do so in you user account or sign up at Gravatar to create one that can be seen on any website that has Gravatars enabled.

  2. ralf
         April 1, 2009

    Whoa, new theme again :-) Looking snazzy.

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