Fish Teeth

by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday March 4th, 2009
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So this what happens when the family chimes on the naming process for my art; Mrs. Rampant Mac somehow sees a toothy drooling creature, and the young boy (#23 for Pacific Thunder Baseball) percieves a little fishy floating around in there. Mash ’em up and we get “Fish Teeth”. Not very elegant, but it’ll do.

As for the composition; it certainly captures the chaos I find so attractive in these things, though it did get a somewhat ugly in the fringe areas. A quick dash of Select/Feather/Delete/Blur takes care of that issue.

Fish Teeth

Widescreen (16:10)  :  1440×900  :  1680×1050  :  1920×1200  :  2560×1600
Fullscreen (4:3)  :  1024×768  :  1600×1200
Others  :  1280×1024  :  iPhone

Rendered in Oxidizer Post processed in Photoshop CS for colour saturation, glow effect, and blur.

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