So yeah, like no but yeah…

by David Burnett • Monday March 2nd, 2009
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So there’s like a new sneak preview available.

New features this time include…

  • A script library.
  • A random gradient button.
  • More QuickView options for the gradient editor, including hue rotation, random gradients and improved palette rotation.
  • Drag and Drop appending of flam3 files onto the genome list views.

This version is number and you can get it here.



  1. Scott Chitwood
         March 2, 2009

    Like sweetness dude, I’m all over it :^)

  2. ralf
         March 2, 2009

    Haha, from “Little Britain” eh? Love that show. Will take the sneak peak for a test drive, unless the computer says “no”..

  3. tungee
         March 2, 2009

    Nice things going here!
    Thanx for this wonderful piece of software.

  4. pharmagician
         March 3, 2009

    Thanks for this, Dave. Love the QuickView additions, love the script library – saves a lot of clicking through menus. I’ve spent quite a lot of time with Oxidizer in the last few months and, over the time I’ve been working with it, various things have come to mind which I would like to (respectfully!) suggest:
    – could there be an import gradient function (700 is not enough!)?
    – could there be a rotate slider or knob for each gradient so the placement of the chosen colours can be adjusted, as in Apo?
    – could all the windows be made to stick in the places on the screen where they last opened? The render window and the progress window are the two main culprits!
    – each image seems to be stretched a little vertically. If I make a “square” image, it’s only horizontally and vertically fully symmetrical if I make the image proportions 11×12 (horiz/vert).
    – the browser windows are sticky in the non-intuitive way: e.g. if I click on the scripts icon at the top after having saved a previous image, I get the folder I have saved to and not the scripts folder.
    But, let it be said, I just love Oxidizer and the things I have been able to do with it, along with Ralf’s scripts which I tweak crazily, have made me very happy! (Shameless self-promo: one of the Oxidizer images I posted to deviantArt won a Daily Deviation back in November!)
    And, if I can be of any assistance in the tutorial that Ralf and Scott are thinking about, I’d be glad to…

  5. David Burnett
         March 3, 2009

    @Ralf, yes Little Britain

    @tungee, thanks I’m glad you like it.

    @Pharm… Just how many Oxidizer flames do you produce in a week there always seems to be something new on DA. I’m not complaining just jealous :-) To answer you questions / suggestions.

    – There could be.
    – It’s no one I’ve though about, but considering the this versions QuickView mods it might be quite complementry.
    – Already fixed in CVS. I’ve got replaced of the windowing centre code I stuck in with code there checks for saved positions first.
    – Probably something to do with those pesky pixel aspect ratios. Assume flam3 really isn’t generating images that are multiples 11×12, PAL 4:3 is pretty close to that ratio.
    – I’ll have a play with that. I’ll have to store seperate last directory value for each ‘different’ dialog opened, as Cocoa’s open panel is on shared panel.


  6. ralf
         March 3, 2009

    @pharmagician – I recall I asked you about the aspect ratio think before, because I noticed this elongation in your images, and I believe you replied that you were using 4:3 PAL. That would explain it – if you want a perfect circle on a monitor with square pixels you should use 1:1 aspect ratio.

    @Dave – the QI index rotator isn’t working for me, or I’m doing something wrong. During the generation of the matrix previews, it looks as if the map is converted to a full map and rotated properly, but when it’s done and I click on one in the matrix, it does something strange. It looks like it doesn’t pass the gradient information back to the gradient editor properly. I guess the computer says no…

  7. pharmagician
         March 3, 2009

    @Dave – Thanks for considering! Yes, I do many flames per week, only a few of which ever see the light of day… :-)

    @Ralf – Yes, I remember now, you did ask me – thanks for the tip and I’ll set aspect ration 1:1…

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