Evolution 3e

by Scott Chitwood • Tuesday February 3rd, 2009
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February already, how the heck did that happen? I don’t recall having another Rip Van Winkle episode. Anyhoo that wasn’t where I planned to start; bad left turn or something…

This particular genome has been put through quite a few tweaks, way more than I normally throw against the wall and it’s been pushed a few steps from this state of being. Each generation takes a slightly differnt turn and many of them are sure to be future releases. With that in mind I thought it might be fun to share the genome to see where others might take it to, sort of a community evolution project. Light those bunsen burners and raise a Beaker!

Evolution 3e

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Rendered in Oxidizer 0.5.5. Post processed in Photoshop CS for colour saturation, contrast, rotation, and layer blending.


  1. Don Larson
         February 3, 2009

    As in all the recent creations, this is one more very cool image.

  2. ralf
         February 3, 2009

    Sublime! I would have liked to play with the xform weights on that one to see more of the grid pattern :-)

  3. Bo-Dion
         February 3, 2009

    Wooh – Scott , this is a hell of a genius genome! I would have been too shy to ask
    anyone, to share such a great flame. This sure will teach me a lot. It’s exactly the
    style i fancy. I see, you already take care for the next generation…
    I think this one will come Back with a Bang 2 U.
    I just can’t wait till my damn render is finished!
    you are a great geezer – cheers.

  4. Bo-Dion
         February 3, 2009

    Good morning, Ralf…

  5. ralf
         February 3, 2009

    Top ‘o the mornin’ to you Bo (is there some time zone thing I’m missing here?)

    I played with it a bit, turning off a lot of stuff in order to figure out where that grid pattern came from. Looks like it was the Julian. Here’s a version with more pronounced patters: Evolution-4e.flam3 (thought not so sublime anymore!)

  6. Bo-Dion
         February 3, 2009

    Got it! thanks, you’re a great geezer too! The gap is here to germany: 5.00 in
    the morning, and after 10 ours of capdriving i go to sleep now!

  7. Scott Chitwood
         February 4, 2009

    Thanks for all the great comments guys :^)

    Ralf’s variant looks good, be sure to check it out!

  8. paulk
         February 4, 2009

    Ooohhh, Scott! That’s beautiful!

    And thanks for the flame to play with – you too, Ralf :-)


  9. David Burnett
         February 5, 2009

    Went in search of a grid, found loops instead!

  10. Bo-Dion
         February 5, 2009

    Hello Mr.Burnett, i can’t get to the link you gave – would there be another
    one possible? Because i’d like to see it too – thx.

  11. Scott Chitwood
         February 5, 2009

    Right Click or Control Click on the link and choose “Download Linked File” or “Download Linked File As…” option.

  12. David Burnett
         February 5, 2009

    Or use the ‘View Source’ option in whichever browser you use.
    It’s the dumb way sourceforge set up their web server. I must see if I can override it and get the server to serve up flam3’s properly.

    Oh and Bo-Dion feel free to call me Dave.

  13. Bo-Dion
         February 5, 2009

    Control Click worked – thanks for the tip!
    Dear David, i was thinking of “Rio Bravo”, but that was Mr. Burdett…(good ol’ John)
    Never mind. Nice flame.

  14. ekdor
         October 20, 2009

    Oh very nice Scott,
    Thanks for providing the genome. I will produce some offspring and share. Must finish my first complete images first.


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