A quick view of things to come

by David Burnett • Tuesday December 23rd, 2008
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I’ve been a little quiet over the last few weeks so I thought an update was in order.

I’ve started work on the first of the new Oxidzer 0.6 features (the old 0.6 features being the new 0.5.5 features :0) called, for the moment, Quick View or maybe Range View.

It looks like this, its a 0.5Mb jpeg so I though I’d link it instead of inlining it.

Basically it generates a range of thumbnails with a particular value spread over a range, it this case the colour setting of one of the transformations. Clicking on one of the thumbnails changes the value in the editor.

I’ve also started on adding a french translation provided by our very own Capitaine Haddock, quite topical as I’ve just come back from a long weekend in France. I’d made enough changes to Oxidizer (i.e. one or two) to stop the translation going in without issues so it’s a little bit harder work than it could have been but at least I’m just copy and pasting, Guillaume had to translate it all :-)

Finally as the year is coming to an end I’d just like to say cheers to everyone who have contributed to Oxidizer and Rampant Mac. From those that have used Oxidizer to create the fantastic images I see here and and other web sites, contributed bug reports, code and nib changes or ideas for Oxi to those though have simply commented here or spread the word elsewhere. Thanks folks.



  1. pharmagician
         December 23, 2008

    And indeed a very big thank you to you too Dave – without you there would be no wonderful flame app for mac. I use other apps too but most of my favourite images have come from Oxidizer! Happy Holidays!

  2. Don Larson
         December 23, 2008

    I too thank you for your efforts!


  3. paulk
         December 24, 2008

    Add my thanks to the pile, Dave! I really appreciate your work on this great app and am excited to see what new goodies you add. It’s a wonderful program – even if it does cause some sleep deprivation due to overuse. ;-)


  4. ralf
         December 24, 2008

    Ditto what they all said – thanks for your hard work, and for putting up with all the nosy questions and feature requests!

    I’ve been playing around with QuickView a bit, and I can confirm that it’s a really cool and extremely useful feature, looking forward to the next release (as always!) :-)

  5. Scott Chitwood
         December 24, 2008

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    As David says above, big cheers to all who’ve had a hand in helping to move this little community along. These things don’t happen overnight or just because we want them to — it takes a great mix of people and ideas to make an interesting brew in the kettle, and we have that happening for sure!

    Party on, and be excellent to each other :^)

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