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by David Burnett • Tuesday September 30th, 2008
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Well I’ve finally released a new version on planetGenesis so it’s time to start looking ahead to Oxidizer 0.6 . So pop over to the Oxidizer 0.6 post and have your say.

I’ve not been totally idle with regards to Oxidizer, I’ve put the framework in place for automatic preview rendering over the whole application and placed some slider controls in the GUI so there’s a small hint about one or two new features that will make it to 0.6 .

Non-Oxidizer stuff I’ve been playing with recently.

Sunflow is a great java 3d ray tracer, with run time compiled shaders written in java. I’ve coded a version of planetGenesis that can be used as a plug-in and used SunFlow to test it.

Via SunFlow I learnt of another Java app, fractrace, which creates 3d fractal flames.

I learnt of SunFlow through another app, Structure Synth,  which is similair to an application I thought about coding once, and actually got as far as writing a Lindenmeyer System parser in C#.  The authors blog has a number of interesting links that I’ve not had time to explore for other similar projects.


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