Brain Stew

by Scott Chitwood • Friday August 1st, 2008
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‘Scuse me while I toss this rock at you. Stepping back is optional. Protective eyewear is required within a twelve foot diameter of the impact zone. Hang on a moment — if you’ll move slightly to the left I’ll have a better shot :^)

Brain Stew

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Rendered in Oxidizer 0.5.2. Heavily post processed in Photoshop CS.


  1. Don Larson
         August 1, 2008

    I’m getting out of the way as I type this.


  2. Scott Chitwood
         August 5, 2008

    Obviously you’re very familiar with the Five Ds of Dodgeball. Very commendable young man!

  3. Gary Law
         September 11, 2010

    This is stunning. It has a very different quality to your others & I wonder what you did to achieve that 3 dimensional look. Very impressive. I’ve just begun experimenting with Apophysis for Windows.

  4. Scott Chitwood
         September 13, 2010

    Good question Gary.  As far as the specific flam3 parameters, I used a random generating script to achieve several of that particular genome style and from there it was just a matter of doing some visual tweaks for cropping and quality.  I’ve attached a flam3 xml file with lots of similar genomes coded into, you (and everyone else) are welcome to download and mess around with it to see what you can lift out of it.

    Here’s what my original render looked like; lots of Photoshop work was applied to the image, including an inversion of on layer that was partially erased to allow for the darker color shift.

    Brain Stew original render by Scott Chitwood

  5. Gary Law
         September 14, 2010

    I see. Very interesting, Scott. Your original render was actually very 3 dimensional to start with. Thank you very much for the script. I’ll play around some more.

  6. Gary Law
         September 15, 2010

    Scott, I can’t get Apophysis to do anything with the flam3 file. It seems to load .flame files so I tried renaming yours & it loads but the program won’t display the various genomes. Is there anything I can do by way of converting it into something Apophysis likes?

  7. Scott Chitwood
         September 15, 2010

    My best guess (not having access to Apophysis) is a conflict within the XML.  Can you send me an Apo file that I can use for comparison?  Possibly just need to copy and paste the specific flam3 details from the Oxidizer document into the appropriate location within an Apophysis document.

    email… scottc at rampant-mac dot com

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