Verdigris 2

by pharmagician • Sunday July 6th, 2008
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Long time no post here at RM — have been away flirting with Apophysis, Incendia, Sterling and Quadrium, mea maxima culpa, but came back to Oxidizer refreshed and found this waiting to get out.

Verdigris 2

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Discovered and rendered in Oxidizer 0.4.3.

© 2008 pharmagician.


  1. ralf
         July 9, 2008

    Interesting pattern…and good use of the dihedral symmetry – I rarely get anything sensible when I try to use symmetry :)

    Any chance of seeing your results with those other programs? Uploaded anything to deviantart, or your homepage? Just curious.

  2. Pharmagician
         July 9, 2008

    Hi Ralf – thanks for comments, as always! I wish I had been able to make this one sharper, but this was as sharp as it got. You can see all kinds of other things at if you are interested. In the end, the randomness of Oxidizer makes for unexpected and interesting results, whereas the scriptability of Apo makes for predictable-ish and in the end mainly sharper results (perhaps the sharpness isn’t a direct result of the scriptability, but you see what I mean). I still wish I could rewrite Apo scripts in lua for Oxidizer so that I could get similar results in O. Please feel free to comment on anything you see at dA!

  3. ralf
         July 10, 2008

    Wow blimey! Those are gorgeous results from the Apo scripts, damn, but I think it must be using some tricks (3D plugin or something?) – I don’t see how one could get it to look like that purely with the flam3 library. That’s a question for Dave I guess. On the other hand, now I’m intrigued again to try and translate some of those scripts for Oxidizer – could you point me to one that I could try? (like, the chalice, or escutcheon). Cheers!

  4. Pharmagician
         July 10, 2008

    Thanks! A lot of the scripts use plugins that exceed the flam3 library, true, but much can be done without the plugins. Apo is about to arrive in version 2.08 and everyone is hoping it will contain as standard all the currently available plugins. Perhaps that might encourage an extension of the flam3 library (if such a thing is possible – I have no idea). I’m not at home at the mo, but when I am I’ll email you some Apo scripts to peruse! Cheers!

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