Cold River III

by Scott Chitwood • Monday June 9th, 2008
Posted in Desktop Gallery, Photography

One thing I’ve always strived for in my artistic endeavors is to avoid posting slightly different takes of existing compositions; less repitition, more variety is the motto of the day. This image is one of the rare instances where that unwritten rule gets tossed aside.

While essentially being the same subject matter as Cold River, this alternate take was photographed just a little earlier in the day; enabling an overall darker, more contrasted starting point — a trait which gives this variant a richer and more vibrant feel. The dual sun flare nearly sets fire to an otherwise frozen twig and the rushing stream has four distinct areas of interest.

Edge sharpening was enhanced by using the ‘High Pass’ filter in Photoshop CS on a duplicated layer that was then blended over the original image using the ‘Linear Light’ option. Shadows and colors were deepened prior to sharpening.

Cold River III

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  1. Don Larson
         June 9, 2008

    Hi Scott,

    That is very beautiful!


  2. Sergio
         June 20, 2008

    ¡realmente hermoso! Una imagen de gran calidad, gracias por compartirla.

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