ArtDesk no.17

by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday April 21st, 2004
Posted in Desktop Gallery, Digital Art

A marriage of stock photos peppered with Photoshop layer blending that captures a modern industrial feel.

ArtDesk no.17

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Preview details cropped area of 1024×768 image.


  1. Anonymous
         April 30, 2009

    I think this website needs some more historical images, atleast one from every year! :-)

  2. Scott Chitwood
         April 30, 2009

    We can do that. Use our handy ‘Archives’ drop down in the sidebar and you’ll find posts dating all the way back to December 1999 up through the present.  If that isn’t what you had in mind then toss a few words back at me.

    As long as we’re talking history, we are creeping up on ten years of web presence (a little on and off here and there) and there are some thoughts rolling ’round the old wooly-pated noggin in regard to that…

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