New Desktops and Animation at twelfth night

by Scott Chitwood • Monday April 21st, 2008
Posted in Oxidizer Community

A fabulous set of nine 1920×1200 desktops has hit the download page at twelfth night, and with fun names like “nebulosity”, “rift”, and “schoepfung” you just can’t go wrong by adding these pieces to your collection.

Topping off the cake is an amazing animation that is sure to blow the socks clean off of your feet. Nicely done ralf!

twelfth night desktops


  1. ralf
         April 22, 2008

    Thanks for the kind words Scott, I got really motivated by you guys being all productive lately :)

    Also I fixed the web page so that it doesn’t stall on trying to load the 15 MB animation automatically, my bad. Well at least I learned how to do it better: the “Export for web” option in QuickTime player even generated the HTML code for me so I only had to copy and paste.

    That’s a tip for if you ever want to put animations on here, although you probably know all those tricks already.

  2. Scott Chitwood
         April 24, 2008

    All too glad to help you get the word out ralf :^)

    Feel free to toss me an email when you do these giant updates or have something cool to share. I wouldn’t mind showcasing some user generated animations here — would probably see if it could be done as a nifty page overlay like lightbox images/slideshows.

  3. ralf
         April 25, 2008

    For anyone interested, I have updated the Oxidizer Lua scripts available on my site; the sequencer script that I used for the animation now also contains some documentation on how to use the thing :-)

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