Desert Sun

by pharmagician • Monday March 24th, 2008
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Two very simple transforms and the default colour map. A little breeding, a little tweaking, a little more breeding and a little more tweaking. The possibilities of this amazing piece of free software are amazing. When the transform editor is available it should blow the competition away!

Desert Sun

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Discovered and rendered in Oxidizer 0.4.3, no post-processing.

© 2008 pharmagician.


  1. ralf
         March 24, 2008

    Very nice geometry, also looks like there are some dense spiral features in the dark petals, maybe a different color map could bring those out? I’d be tempted to experiment.. :)

    P.S. how did it go with the nib hack? It has the transform editor enabled, I wasn’t sure from your description above whether you were using it already or not.

  2. David Burnett
         March 25, 2008

    I think I’m about a fortnight way from a sneak from releasing a sneak peak of version 0.5, the ETA code was straight forward the new gradient editor is going quite well. Ooops did I let something slip out again.

  3. ralf
         March 25, 2008

    Cool! More Easter eggs :)

  4. Pharmagician
         March 25, 2008

    @ ralf – yes, very dense spiral features in the petals. This kind of image looks really interesting at low-quality settings but with a high quality render setting such as here (5000-10000) the features disappear but are replaced by a really nice smoothness and fine dense detail. I rather liked it at the time, and was so impressed by the default colour that I didn’t try any others – may do that this evening! I didn’t try the nib thing in the end – I don’t know anything about Xcode and didn’t want to do something I didn’t understand… Thanks for sending the file, though – I may feel adventurous and have a try!

    @ dave – easter all year round! New gradient editor – yum yum.

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