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by David Burnett • Wednesday March 5th, 2008
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After a couple of week away from work where Oxidizer got a fair bit of work, the last week and a half has been a bit of a down turn in productivity :-)

So since the last time…

  • I’ve finished the drawing code for the Transformation editor (trimming of polygons eeek)
  • Added the rest of the interface and made it resize correctly
  • Fixed a few bugs.
  • Added a couple of ‘Don’t do that, it’s stupid!’ dialogues.
  • Added a reference to Rampant Mac to the ‘About Oxidizer’ dialogue.

So this is what the transformation editor looks like now…

Transformation Editor

BTW some where over on  the right of the page, Scott has come up with a tasty little Oxidizer badge if you feel like spreading the word :0)



  1. Scott Chitwood
         March 9, 2008

    Props to giving yourself some free time David — it always feels good to step back and enjoy a little holiday :^)

    I would never have imagined that the Ranch™ would be included in an “about box”, neat-o!

    And a little bird pointed out that I somehow dropped an “i” in the Oxidizer badge. I’ll get that corrected during my Monday lunch break.

  2. David Burnett
         March 10, 2008

    You would not believe the number of different ways I spelt Oxidizer incorrectly, I seem to remember there’s at least one ‘alternative spelling’ in the about box

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