Trumpet blowing and Transformation editors

by David Burnett • Saturday February 9th, 2008
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In the week since I released it, Oxidizer 0.4.3 has been downloaded 2199 times (and a few more as Sourceforge stats tend to be a little behind) , than almost as many as 0.4.2 managed altogether.

Thanks everyone.
So hows the triangle editor doing, well here’s what it looks like now…

Transformation Editor

There’s what all the bits do…

annotated Editor

Oh, I guess I should mention all this actually works. This just needs some labels and a grid or a set of axes.



  1. Joe
         February 9, 2008

    So was this in the 0.4.3 release or is it for an upcoming release? If it is in the current release where in Oxidizer?

    P.S. David, I absolutely love Oxidizer. Well done sir :)

  2. ralf
         February 9, 2008

    Congratulations, the word is spreading :)

    I tested the new Editor a few days ago and I think it’s really great, this will take Oxidizer to the next level. With the current CVS version however I get a build error :( seemingly related to libpng (/bin/sh: ./libtool: no such file or directory) so I wasn’t able to test your latest version (the older version had a bug in the rotate mode, that it would always rotate clockwise even if I moved the handle ccw).

    One thing I was wondering about, maybe it could be useful to have something like “Apply”, “Cancel” and “Clear” or “Reset” buttons? Currently it edits the original directly, but if, after many edits, you make a mistake or change your mind it might be hard to get back to the starting point? Of course, it’s simple enough to make a backup copy first and edit that. Anyway, thanks for the update, looking great so far!

  3. Pharmagician
         February 9, 2008

    Dave – Looking forward to this when it comes very much!
    Ralf – Thanks for your scripts – having a lot of fun with them, and tweaking them.

  4. David Burnett
         February 10, 2008

    @Joe… This is for the next version although with a bit of Nib hacking the current unfinished version can be activated, the code is there all I’ve done is hide the menu option Oh you could try cmd-E. It might work, it might not depending if hidden menu options still react to their keyboard short cuts .

    @Ralf actually that rotation bug is still there, I’ve got to figure out the maths for working out which direction the mouse is moving, probably a dot product or something.

    As for the “Apply” etc, its more likely to be an undo option as I need to apply the values to the Core data repository to render the preview.

    The build problem. As always the first thing to do is not check the “Run Script” in XCode has nothing commented out.
    The creation of libtool is usually part of the configure script. I’ve made no changes to the libpng code or build.

    It might be worth using terminal to go to the libpng folder and running ‘make clean’ to get the linpng stuff to build again.


  5. David Burnett
         February 10, 2008

    Ooops by ‘first thing to do is not check the “Run Script”‘ I meant ‘first thing to do is to check the “Run Script”‘

  6. ralf
         February 10, 2008

    Aha, that sounds a bit tricky – I guess you need to establish which quadrant the mouse pointer is in, and then that maps the movement to either cw or ccw, or smth…

    One other thing that occurred to me, shouldn’t there be a toggle switch to alternate between editing the affine and the post coefficients?

    I’ll have another look at the run script, thanks for reminding me.

  7. Scott Chitwood
         February 10, 2008

    David Burnett said…

    In the week since I released it, Oxidizer 0.4.3 has been downloaded 2199 times…

    Nicely done Dave — big congrats are in order :^)

    Did you see the link at Theocacao? I would think that ups the geek factor big time!

  8. David Burnett
         February 11, 2008

    @Scott, yep I saw the link, and did a little jig. Oxidizer has also been put on the OSX Cool Apps list although I’ve got no idea if any one really takes any notice of that :-)

    @Ralf, Editing post transformations and undo/redo was fairly easy to add. Hint hint

  9. ralf
         February 11, 2008

    Editing post transformations and undo/redo was fairly easy to add. Hint hint

    Wow, I just had a look at the latest version, and this is just awesome. Looks like all the features are there, the bugs are gone, and it’s stable – new release around the corner? :) The Editor pretty much obsoletes my tweaker script, and I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of precision-designed flames once the Editor becomes available in the public release.

    Regarding the CVS build, however.. Apart from your funny habit of checking in revisions that have half the run script commented out, I still get some other errors that I didn’t have before. It appears that I must add a libtool linking for the flam3 build, i.e. ln -s /usr/bin/glibtool ./libtool after cd ../flam3. Without this my build fails, but I didn’t have to do this before, and you said you hadn’t changed anything, so I don’t know what’s going on. Kinda wondering, am I the *only* one having these problems with the CVS source???

  10. David Burnett
         February 12, 2008

    For all I know Ralf you’re the only other person who builds from CVS :-)

    I’ve just taken a fresh cut from anonymous CVS to try and build and I get the same error. It appears to be a change in the flam3 stuff caused by the update to the 2.7.9 release and possibly the fact that I no longer reautoconf the build due to leopard updated autoconf scripts. I’ve

    That does leave the puzzling issue of where my libtool came from in my developer repository :-)

    As for new releases, may be a new sneak release once I added the axes and figured out how to label things.

  11. David Burnett
         February 13, 2008

    I’ve added the libtool fix in CVS now, along with a few changed to the transformation editor namely drawing a grid and various window resizing related errors.

  12. ralf
         February 14, 2008

    Nice! You may want to specify a minimum size of the window (and give it a name) – by resizing it down until the panels and tables on the right disappeared, I was able to crash the application.

    So looks like you’re basically done, nice job, and a very powerful feature addition to Oxidizer. So what’s up next, more toys? If you’re out of ideas, I have some… :)

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