What Never Was is Never Again

by Scott Chitwood • Monday October 24th, 2011
Posted in More Than Words

“Mists of dreams drip along the nascent echo…”
              Hybrid Utterance, Battlestar Galactica

How does one properly sign-off from a personal project that spans more than a decade?  In my case, with great hesitancy and months of prolonged musing over how to best say the words that need to be said.  And then — a quick jump over the edge, writing what comes to mind in this bright and clear moment, keystrokes fall, multiply, get discarded along the way.

It all comes down to this.

Creativity must not only come from the heart, it must also call out and draw us into its mighty grasp for our best works to find an audience.  I know this because I was held there for quite a long while and will always be there to some degree.  The difference is, the urgency I once felt for designing and publishing my artwork has waned somewhat over the past several months.  This is not such a bad thing from my perspective.  As an artist I’m very pleased with where this little adventure has taken me and the circle feels complete.  To try and push it further along would be disingenuous.

Then again, total retirement may not be in the cards, a desktop or two could squirm out at some unknown point in the near/distant future.  Weirder things have happened.  What will be, will be.

My personal thanks to all who’ve encouraged me along the way, to those who’ve been inspired to find their own creative spark, and to those who’ve passed kind words my way.  Cheers!

          Scotty out!


  1. Don Larson
         October 25, 2011

    Thanks for your hard work and contributions over the years. Enjoy your retirement time off!



  2. Cubixel
         November 2, 2011

    Oh what really? Geez it’s not going to be the same. I feel sad. Thanks for everything Scott. You’ve been a great inspiration.

    As for me I’ve also wanes in creativity lately. But that slack has been taken up with some web design and household maintenance.

    Is this site going to be maintained? If not I would be willing to maintain it, as is, under my own domain as a sub domain.

  3. Scott Chitwood
         November 3, 2011

    The archive will be maintained, no plans for taking the site offline, and I do expect to publish or say something at some unknown future date. It just feels good to hang loose from the visual arts for awhile. The band is demanding more attention these days, so that’s what I’m doing along with family, work, and life in general :^)

  4. Cubixel
         November 3, 2011

    No worries. Offer stands.

    I have a couple of Mac OSX related things for you. Just have to get time to compose them into something meaningful.

    Are you still accepting submissions?

    Good luck with all that.

  5. George Guerrette
         November 22, 2011

    Hi there, Scott! It’s been a looong time, hasn’t it?

    I just purchased a Mac mini Server and wanted to pretty up the desktop. I hit Rampant Mac, as I haven’t used any of your art for quite a while, and read your “retirement post”. Just want to say that your work was one of the earliest pieces of desktop art I used on my Mac that kicked it up a notch, oh so long ago. I really loved Scott’s stuff — such to the point that I hired him for design work, people.

    In honor of your “retirement”, Glass Beads 2006 is adorning my 22-incher. All the best, Scott; I’m sure we’ve not heard — or seen — the last from you :)

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