Oxidizer 0.9.0

by David Burnett • Saturday August 27th, 2011
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Hi folks,
here’s another release for you to try out. There’s no real changes part from it now uses the flam3 3.0 binaries which should give a nice rendering speed boost and I’ve attempted to change the build system to allow Oxidizer to work on Leopard (10.5) in 64bit mode which I broke in the last version, thanks to Ergo for pointing that out..

If this all works I’ll start adding the new flam3 3.0 features into the Official Oxidizer releases rather than that unofficial 1.5 release I knocked up ages ago.

I’ve also decided to officially unsuppport Oxidizer on Tiger, it’s probably been broken for a while anyway. That should allow me
to add a few news bits and pieces, and finally release a version 1.0 :-)



  1. Don Larson
         August 27, 2011

    The Snow Leopard version works on Lion 10.7.1. I bred some images and rendered one without issue.

    Thank you.


  2. Cubixel
         August 28, 2011

    Thanks! Will have to do some new work.

  3. Cubixel
         August 29, 2011

    It has been working flawlessly for me under 10.7.1

    Might I make a request? In the colour section, when I reopen it the entire gradient has been filled with colour chips. Would it be possible for us to choose to have the colour map remain as it was contracted? I often only have a half dozen. If I come back to the colour at another time to edit; it become annoying. As it is, one has to remember to have saved the colour to a file in the first place and then reload it to edit. I have this habit of closing windows and realising I need to swear; I never learn…

    Cheers! Brook

  4. Cubixel
         September 2, 2011

    I have had a few crashes running it under 10.7.1 Total system freeze. No response from anything including the mouse and force-quit. It looks a bit like a conflict while rendering and something else. happened once when I ran a script while it was updating previews.

  5. David Burnett
         September 12, 2011

    Cubixel, By running a script do you mean a lua script in Oxidizer or just a script in general.

  6. Cameron
         September 9, 2011

    Hey, Nice program. However, running on 10.6.8, version .0.9 and .0.8.1 both freeze up when using the breeder or trying to move something from the genepool to the editor or when saving. It actually slogs down the whole computer When I look at activity monitor, there is usually a flam3 process using huge amounts of cpu and memory (far more than when rendering a large image) which I can force quit and the computer runs normally. Its a drag not being able to breed or save anything. Have you any idea what may be happening?


  7. David Burnett
         September 12, 2011

    Hmmm, sounds like a thumbnail rendering issue.

    Is the flam3 process flam3-render ?

    If you have auto-save switched on that next time it does this look see what it saved, the autosave should happen before the render.
    The auto save directory is ~/Library/Application Support/Oxidizer , the file names are timestamps.
    If creating a new genome from the menu and then saving that causes the overactive process, if you could send me the flam3 file from the
    auto-save directory that would narrow it down, plus it’s a nice small xml file.

    Finally try changing the preferences related to thumbnails on the preview tab, especially the one that limits the preview quality, or switch off thumbnails
    see if that helps the saving.


  8. Cameron
         September 18, 2011

    Thanks. I’ll look into this in a couple of days when I get a chance.. Its fine in version .0.6.1, BTW. Thanks for the quick response.

  9. David Burnett
         September 20, 2011

    Hi All,
    I’ve uploaded a new version of oxidizer in an attempt at working out what is causing the thumbnails so long to render.


    To help me work the problem out. Download this new version. Switch on the Genome Autosave in the preferences. The next time you are are saving or moving stuff from the genepool or breeder to the editor and Oxidizer starts to bog down your Mac, open a terminal session and kill the flam3-render process that is eating up CPU. ..

    killall flam3-render

    …should do the trick. Next open the console (that’s /Applications/Utilities/Console.app) and find the entry that looks like this one

    19/09/2011 19:47:36 Oxidizer (10.6)[414] ERROR: Genome that failed is /Users/blah/Library/Application Support/Oxidizer/20110919194735187.xml

    Send me that file and the env entry just above it which should look like this

    19/09/2011 19:47:35 Oxidizer (10.6)[414] env: {
    bits = 64;
    “flam3_palettes” = “/Users/blah/Source/oxidizer/build/out/Oxidizer/Snow Leopard/Oxidizer (10.6).app/Contents/Resources/flam3-palettes.xml”;
    “isaac_seed” = 1316454650;
    nframes = 10;
    out = “/var/folders/jr/jrWIQ+Ps2RW+t++1YvXpx++++TI/-Tmp-/tmp.67.XL1jWC/preview.png”;
    “pixel_aspect” = “1.092592592593”;
    qs = 1;
    seed = 1316454650;
    ss = 1;
    transparency = 0;
    verbose = 1;

    For an extra added treat try a render to window and double click on the render.


  10. David Burnett
         September 23, 2011

    Hi Folks,

    I’ve had a go at fixing the issue, it appears to be the selection off a random symmetry can on occasion lead to extremely long running renders on 64 bit systems. Can you please download…


    …and give it a shot see if it improves things.


  11. Ray Mikota
         October 11, 2011

    Hey, thanks so much for Oxidizer. Ive been using 0.9.0 on a new i mac with lion it crashes once in a while but still works..

    Question about the preview window. I love the fine detail of my designs but the preview window too tiny so see it. Any hopes of making the preview window way bigger? any tricks?

    Gamma Ray

  12. Ray Mikota
         October 11, 2011

    Also on my new imac with 8gigs I can render Qt’s so far up to 800 frames in HD 1920 x 1080

  13. Ray Mikota
         October 11, 2011

    I’m using 9.3 now and it’s working well… Thanks

  14. David Burnett
         October 16, 2011

    Hi there
    here’s (the 0.9.3 numbering was a typo :-) )
    This was another go at debuging the times where saving / moving genomes would lockup Oxidizer and occasionally the whole computer, however, Tom, who was sending me feedback, has suggested I may have fixed the issue as part of tightening up some of the text to number conversion code.

    Let me know what you find.


  15. Megan
         October 20, 2011

    I was doing some research for a homework project in Photoshop when I happened upon some images thru google that were flam3 or something which, link by link lead me here! Wow. I am brand new to this. I have a new imac 27-inch and..well, …how do I even begin to learn all of this!? It’s gorgeous. Please suggest ways and places that I can learn this. Thank you.

  16. Scott Chitwood
         October 24, 2011

    Hello Megan.  You’ll find info in various places; a bit in our Oxidizer Blog category, more at Ralf Flicker’s website, twelfth night studios (scripts are particularly helpful), and David Burnett’s software support page at Sourceforge.  Cheers!

  17. Vincent
         October 25, 2011

    Hi Dave,

    I am still new to Oxidizer and I love, love, love it already. Unfortunately, my (your new) Version 0.9.0
    keeps crashing. I tried different approaches, even the one were I save first a file “flame3.flame3” and than start building according to your and other tutorials. I had one File (png) with a poor resolution. So far, that is all. Do you have any suggestions? I am running OS X 10.7.2 LION on an iMac 2.66 Intel with 8 RAM…

  18. David Burnett
         October 29, 2011

    Hi Vincent,
    The first thing to do os to upgrade to if you haven’t already as it contains a few fixes for 64bit OSX (I’m stuck on 32bits I’m afraid so the quality of the 64 bit version relies on user bug reports).

    If that doesn’t fix your issues then you’ll have to post the Oxidizer Crash Reporter logs from
    ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ and anything that Oxidizer writes to the console for the time it crashed.

    If Lion still has a “run in 32 bit mode option”, which I assume it doesn’t, then try that.


  19. Lennart Östman
         November 18, 2011

    Hi David!

    I have a feature request for future Oxidizer versions. It would be really great to be able to save a render and continue it later. I have had my computer busy rendering an animation ALL week! If I could pause and save the rendering in the midst of it I could work much more efficient!

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