Oxidizer 0.4.3

by David Burnett • Saturday February 2nd, 2008
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At long last I’ve officially released Oxidizer 0.4.3 on Sourceforge.

Since the sneak preview I’m made the following changes

  • Oxidizer now starts in the centre of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Genomes generated in the Breeder or GenePool that used Final XForm could render differently in the main editor.
  • Fixed a Core Data issue where the first genome loaded into the editor would not get a preview render.
  • Copies of each genome rendered is now saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Oxidizer rather than the console log.

Changes between 0.4.2 and the sneak release were…

  • Increased Leopard Compatibility.
  • Fixed Crashes related to colour selection from the Color Well palettes.



  1. Ralf
         February 2, 2008

    Sweet. Hey – at one point you were soliciting contributions to an Oxidizer tutorial of sorts, no? Well I didn’t write one, but after the questions about sharpness and depth-of-field that were posted here, I ran a number of tests, and put them in this little document: http://homepage.mac.com/rflicker/files/smoothing.pdf

    If you do write a tutorial at some point, maybe you’ll find this material pertinent. Or maybe not :) It was a bit of an experiment, but I think I learned a couple of things just by doing it.

  2. ralf
         February 2, 2008

    oooooh and there are things happening over in CVS as well, yummy! Blimey that looks really awesome.. :-)

  3. Jeff Snyder
         February 3, 2008

    I really hope that Dave will find time to write a step-by-step tutorial for Oxidizer. I just downloaded it for the first time a few hours ago, and I really don’t have a clue how to begin creating my own artwork/desktop backgrounds. The only thing that I have figured out, is that you have to first click on the “Gene Pool” option, and then on the “Fill” button on the “Gene Pool” window. Once all 16 frames are filled with a pattern, I hit the “Render” button on the main window. It then asks me for a destination to save the files. I type in a file name, choose the jpeg format and select a folder. Then the app promptly crashes. I’ve tried several times with the same results. Any step-by-step help to learn how to properly use this program would be greatly appreciated. Oh, my specs: G4 500 Mhz DP, OS 10.4.11.

  4. Scott Chitwood
         February 3, 2008

    Jeff » You may want to read through the tutorial I wrote in March of 2007. You’ll find some basic starter info there which should help you from crashing. The comments are also quite helpful so don’t skip over those.

  5. David Burnett
         February 3, 2008

    @Ralf Yes all contribution towards tutorials are welcome and the pdf looks very interesting.

    People are under the mistaken idea that I actually know how to use the flam3 tools :-)

    The editors coming along nicely, now I’ve got the mouse control working I just to tie in the remaining text fields, add a axis or grid of some point and figure out how to add a preview button.

    @Jeff, as far as I can tell from you brief description is that you not using the editor button on the gene pool window to copy the genomes over to the editor.

    I did start on a tutorial
    but of course every minute I spend on the tutorials are time I’m not spending on improving Oxidizer.

  6. David Burnett
         February 3, 2008

    As it causes a crash, I’ve just added a check for attempting to render a Genome when there are no Genomes.

    The message text is as follows..

    You have not selected a Genome to Render!

    You need to select a Genome in the Genome Window.
    If there are no Genomes there you can either…

    Open a new one from a file.
    Create a new by adding a random genome using the + button under the Genome list.
    Breed new ones in the Gene Pool or Breeder and copy them into the Editor using the Edit button.

    Oh yes to make things a little more consistent, I’ve changed the text on the Editor button in the Gene Pool to say Edit.

    Of course now I have to add one for Rendering Movies.

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