Presto, Change-o

by Scott Chitwood • Tuesday January 22nd, 2008
Posted in More Than Words

An interface update/experiment is in progress, hopefully this won’t take too awful long — if it does, you’ll just have to wait for our digital dust to settle. Thanks!

You may need to dump your browser cache to see in progress changes. Should you get to feeling nostalgic for the previous build an image is just a click away.

UPDATE Jan. 24th » Cooking right along and most everything is looking good other than a few scattered oddities and a big mess to clean up on the forum page. The new place is feeling just like home…

UPDATE Jan. 28th » Just a few more little kinks to iron out on the site in general. Forum is coming along real nice but still needs some love before we call it a day.

UPDATE Jan. 29th » Whew, I think we’re there with the new skin — the forum even looks pretty darn spiffy. I’m betting a few things were missed along the way, those will be fixinated promptly as they are discovered. Over and out Scotty…

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