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by Scott Chitwood • Friday January 11th, 2008
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I’ve been wanting to build a nice online photo gallery for quite awhile but really wasn’t satisfied with the CMS options that have been out there for a few years. Everything I tried was a little too heavy on features, or were more complex than I wanted to take on for customizing the CSS. A flickr gallery seemed to be a good alternative to hosting my own site and it is an option that works if one puts in the time to do it right; but being a bit lazy about adding tags (and other stuff) and a being little less than apt at the whole social networking scene my interest just didn’t hold.

Then a recent link to pixelpost found in a forum thread got me excited about giving the idea another look. And boy howdy am I glad to have stumbled on such a nice piece of software! Installing pixelpost hardly took any effort at all, admin options are simple to work with, and customizing the CSS was a breeze too — both light and dark variants!

So feel free to toss about the place and see what you think. Heck, you might even run across a photo of an old guy that still has all of his hair :^)

chitwood's pixelpost

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