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by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday January 2nd, 2008
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Want to share your creative efforts with the rest of the class here at Rampant Mac? We’d love to help you showcase your nifty stack of artistic endeavors. How does it work? You’ll need to join our happy little group with a quick visit to our registration page, once you’ve done that you’re ready to upload files. Please take a moment to read through our guidelines posted below so you’ll know what to send us.


File Guidelines

This system is set up specifically with Oxidizer still images and animations in mind. However, we may be open to receiving/publishing additional items such as icons, other styles of desktop wallpaper, or GUI elements of other types; we’ll see how things unfold and work out the details as needed.

All files should be submitted as Zip archives, be sure to include a read me file/document that tells us your user name and which also contains any copyright notices that you require to protect your work. A link to a Creative Commons license is also acceptable for copyright purposes. Also, be sure to include descriptive text for your creation, something that we can use for posting alongside your art. We reserve the right to edit descriptive text for spelling errors and content as needed.

You can be assured that we’ll always honor your works as yours alone, we will never claim any ownership over your creations. Any items submitted for publication at Rampant Mac must be your own original work(s). Modifications of existing works by others will not be published without the consent of the originating artist.

Desktop Picture/Wallpaper Guidelines

Just a few requirements here. Minimum dimensions of submitted images should be no less than 1920×1200 for widescreen format and 1600×1200 for fullscreen format. Images with excessive JPEG compression will not be published. Please keep embedded web addresses confined to the upper or lower corner of images. Submissions which use text as a design element should do so in a way that is truly a design element otherwise those type of items may not be published. Remember, quality is king of our galleries and we’d love to see them shine with your creations!

Animation Guidelines

We’ll have to work these out as we go along.

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