Tannenbaum 2007

by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday December 19th, 2007
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It’s that time again; excitment builds and patience is rewarded with a glorious Christmas Tree that sends ooohs and ahhhs to that happy little child we remember so well. There it stands before us; the scent of pine needles and Coleman Camp Fuel hang heavy in the air as we eagerly await the ceremonial lighting of the annual New Year’s Eve bonfire. What? You didn’t know I was an unrepentent firebug? So many things to burn, so little time :^)

Anyway, methinks I digress.

The Tannenbaum series has really taken on a life of it’s own over the years due in big part to your requests to keep cranking ’em out. The snowy background in this one is actual snowflakes photographed against the night sky and blended over the blue background with transparency set to eighty percent and a some filter tweaks to roughen up the edges.

Tannenbaum 2007

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As an added bonus my Tuesday night rock band, Payne Street, did a nice update to a song I wrote back in 1987 called ‘The Christmas Blues’ and it happened to turn out pretty great after just a few takes. You’re welcome to give it a listen or download a zipped copy for later perusal. Credits for the composition are…

Greg McArthy » Vocals
Rob Allyn » Lead & Rhythym Guitars, Happy Elf
Scott Chitwood » Rhytym Guitar, Santa, Lead Elf
Mark Kokot » Bass, Angry Elf
Craig Belleville » Drums & Percussion


  1. John
         December 19, 2007

    Another beauty, Scott! Thanks so much. Oh, and the song is right catchy as well. Merry Christmas!

  2. Phil Hubbard
         December 20, 2007

    Nice going Scott (on the Tannebaum) and great stuff on the song-you guys might check out Chris Isaak’s Christmas album (itunes) for some tunes y’all might cover.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas!!!

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