Oxidizer on Leopard

by David Burnett • Sunday December 16th, 2007
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Well I’ve finally made the jump to Leopard, so I thought I’d see exactly how Oxidzer behaves there.

The good news is that it mostly works. Here are the issues I’ve seen so far.

  • The progress indicators do not work.
  • Dragging and dropping on the Genome Pool renders a full version of the image and not a thumbnail. This makes it looks like Oxidizer is not repsonding .

I’ve got no idea why the progress indicators do not work, interestingly if I switch them back to bar indicators they do work, and incidentally Apple appear to have fixed the bar style indicators so they no longer use gallons of CPU. Not much use to Tiger users though.

I suppose I should point out that Oxidizer is not going Leopard only from now on. I’m going to build to be compatible with Tiger and use XCode 3.0 optional XCode 2.4 compatible project files until at least the mythical version 1.0 comes out.



  1. David Burnett
         December 16, 2007

    So it appears the reason that the Spinning progress indicators do not work is that they were not supposed to work under Tiger either they just did :-)

    So I’ve just added some code to determine which version of OSX I’m running and use Bar’s when it’s Leopard.

  2. Ralf
         December 18, 2007

    Thanks for the update – I’m running on Leopard too and I’m not seeing any major problems, seems to work fine. I stated tinkering with the Lua scripting…whoo-hoo now this is powerful stuff :) Can’t say I have produced anything so beautiful yet, just playing around, but now truly the sky (or your imagination) is the limit when it comes to scripting animations. With this tool one can start building up script libraries of “standard” morphs, really speeding up the workflow and helping in exploring the Xform parameter space. Thanks a lot for putting this in there!

  3. Ralf
         December 18, 2007

    And on a related note, when working with scripts, can I file a request for a couple of (simple, I think) convenience features: 1) key binding cmd-L for “Run Lua script,” and 2) an additional menu item “Run recent” under the “Script” menu, analogous to the way “Open Recent” under “File” works. When re-running the same script over and over to test the effects of some small modifications, it is getting a little annoying to have to go into the file selection dialogue every time, click on a file and click ok. Would be handy to have a shortcut to recently executed scripts. Just a thought :)

    As an aside, I got a build error on my Mac Pro when I tried to compile the latest CVS version just now. It complained about gcc-4.0 under /Developer/usr/, have no idea why (it’s there all right) – I have exactly the same installation on my MacBook Pro, and there it worked fine (both on Leopard, XCode 3).

  4. David Burnett
         December 19, 2007

    Hi Ralf, it appears I lost my reply to this so I’ll have another go.

    Gald you like the scripting, LuaObjCBridge made it really easy.

    I’ll look into the requests, I should be able to knock something up for the recent scripts. I wish the Open Recent Cocoa stuff was more flexible though, I’ll have to create my own stuff instead.


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