Rumours have it….

by David Burnett • Thursday January 3rd, 2008
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…that there may be a sneak preview of Oxidizer 0.4.3 at

The same rumours suggest that it might have working progress bars on Leopard and fix a number of crashes related to using the less commonly used OSX colour palette options from the Color Wells.

Other rumours suggest that this release has not been remotely tested on Tiger so users should consider “it still works” as useful feed back if you’re still using OSX 10.4.

The really unreliable rumors discuss the probability that nib hackers, like ralf, might stumble upon a small easter egg, even though its only a couple of days after the start of the new year. Anyone building from CVS will know about that there’s nothing to see and to move along.



  1. David Burnett
         January 4, 2008

    I’ve just had the excellent news that the one major unresolved issue I’d had with 0.4.2 was caused by a Haxie, ShapeShifter to be precise.

    So folks it’s down to you guys to stop the 0.4.3 release with showstopper bugs.

    Oh and I’ve had one person tell me it works with Tiger.


  2. Scott Chitwood
         January 4, 2008

    I’m on Tiger too, nothing to report so far :^)

  3. Ralf
         January 4, 2008

    Much more stable, I haven’t been able to crash it yet (Leopard), and the first-frame-preview problem that I complained about before is also gone. Great update, thanks!

  4. Pharmagician
         January 5, 2008

    Works fine on Tiger…

  5. Pharmagician
         January 6, 2008

    Well, not quite as fine as I thought initially – 043 has crashed on Tiger a few times today rendering to screen. I’ve now at last found the trail of posts about progress bars and versions (sorry!) but I have another very basic question which shows I’m missing something very obvious somewhere: is there a rotate function anywhere in the transform editor? I keep having to calculate where the coordinates should be rather than enter somewhere the number of degrees to rotate by…. Still working out how to tweak grand julians too!

  6. Ralf
         January 7, 2008

    I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking about – you can rotate the entire image by the “rotate” parameter (Flame->Image), but if you’re talking about rotating a single Xform, that’s not so easily done (at least not on purpose, in a predictable way). I’m a little bit impressed when you say that you “calculate where the coordinates should be,” if that is referring to the affine coefficients of an Xform. What exactly are you calculating?

  7. Pharmagician
         January 7, 2008

    Yes, asking about rotating individual transforms. Don’t be impressed, it’s not an exact science! All I do is use a sketchy memory of elementary maths and the properties of right-angled triangles to calculate as closely as possible the positions of the points. I think that refers to the affine coefficients… Hence my query about a rotate function for each transform. Much more complicated if the triangles are no longer right-angled…

  8. Ralf
         January 7, 2008

    I guess I’m still a bit confused about what you’re doing, but never mind – so long as you know what it is that you want to accomplish, it can probably be done with a Lua script :) If it can be of any help, you can have a look at the sequencing script I wrote for doing animations: There are a couple of “rotations” in there (see e.g. the rotate_genome function), but I suspect we are talking about different kinds of rotations (these are not “solid body” rotations).

  9. Pharmagician
         January 8, 2008

    Thanks! This is all quite new for me and I think I am trying to make Oxidizer do what it was not created to do, i.e. be like Apophysis and Quadrium Flame. In another post David Burnett mentions thinking about adding a transform editor window such as in Apo and QF so I guess it’s obvious that Oxidizer currently won’t do what I am trying to make it do. In the other two apps you have, for example, a transform in triangular shape, and if you want to rotate that particular transform you don’t have to enter the new coordinates, you just click a rotate by x degrees button. But I still have to say that the Oxidizer results are gorgeous and I prefer to use it certainly above Apo.

  10. Ralf
         January 8, 2008

    Aha, now I get it, you were talking about Apo style triangles. I implemented a rotation of the triangle around its center of mass in the rotate2_genome function, in the sequence script, I guess that’s what you were doing. The script was intended for animation, however, and is a little bit clunky to use as a design tool. Maybe if you bug him enough, Dave will implement a triangle editor eventually.. :)

  11. David Burnett
         January 9, 2008

    Found the Easter Egg yet Ralf :-)

    I have been playing around with Apo trying to get my head around the maths again and spotted for the first time that it cheats and inverts the final coefficient so the transformation is more like the triangle.

    I.e. moving the triangle up should make the transformation move points down, but Apo makes the points go up as well.

  12. Ralf
         January 10, 2008

    No! I must confess I’m quite clueless, I’ve looked all over for your easter egg but come up nil.. :( But I’ve also have problems installing from CVS lately, so I have not seen the latest version you checked in (there seems to be a path problem to the jpeg folder that aborts the install script, a problem I didn’t have before, not sure if I’m doing something wrong on my end)

  13. Pharmagician
         January 10, 2008

    Why is it that very occasionally a flame will mutate on its way from the breeder to the editor? The breeder has produced something that looks really good, I click editor, and what arrives is similar but obviously not exactly what is in the breeder?

  14. David Burnett
         January 10, 2008


    By the looks of it, it’s a bug. If you spot one, check for a final xform and if you find one set the weight to zero. If you don’t let me know.

    @Ralf… there’s a hidden menu item in the main nib, try and ‘un-hidding’ it :0)

  15. David Burnett
         January 10, 2008


    @Pharmagician , it you can send me the details of a Tiger crash, I’ll look see if I can do anything.

  16. Ralf
         January 10, 2008

    Ah, now you’re talking…..cmd-E is it, eh? Well that should make pharmagician happy :) Looking forward to seeing it in action; I still have CVS build errors, so I couldn’t try it out yet, just looking at it in IB… Hmm – will the new parameters be part of the Xform table, and available to Lua scripts?

  17. Pharmagician
         January 10, 2008

    Yes – setting final x-form to weight 0 works, and has just found something I really liked and thought was lost. Thanks for that! And I’ll send details if a crash should happen again. Tell me more about cmd-E and how it will change my life…..

  18. David Burnett
         January 11, 2008

    At this moment, I would guess not, the new parmaeters are not seperate as such and I can see people asking why the co-efficients have changed in the GUI when they only altered the rotation for example as they don’t understand that rotation works by altering the co-efficents. It would probably be better to build up a Lua library of functions to do that sort of stuff.

    If you’re still having this problem….
    mkdir: /Users/rflicker/Code/oxidizer/jpeg-6b/../build_folder_for_flam3: No such file or directory

    Then add a folder called build_folder_for_flam3 in the oxidizer folder. It’s not that folder the mkdir is complaining about its a sub-folder it can’t create because build_folder_for_flam3 does not exist.
    I thought I’d fixed that in CVS, maybe I haven’t checked it in.

    The easter egg….. will be the subject of the next blog post :-)

  19. Ralf
         January 11, 2008

    I already tried adding the build_folder_for_flam3 folder, and then the script creates /bin/ and /lib/ and the other sub-folders successfully, but it still fails to build flam3:

    Building flam3
    otool: can’t open file: /Users/rflicker/Applications/oxidizer/build_folder_for_flam3/bin/flam3-render (No such file or directory)

    And the same for flam3-animate, genome etc.

  20. David Burnett
         January 11, 2008

    Check the run script in XCode,

    Run Script

    As see if anything is commented out. I often comment things out there to speed up the build and forget to uncomment them before a build.

    comments are lines that start with a #

    Don’t forget to close the script window before you build, as thats when the changes are saved.

    Alternatively wait a while take a fresh cut from CVS, the latest version has “mkdir `pwd`/build_folder_for_flam3” as the top line in the Run Script. It seems to be taking a while to get mirrored to the anonymous CVS server.


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