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by David Burnett • Wednesday November 28th, 2007
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Hello every one.I’m Dave, the author of Oxidizer, a little program that you may have heard about.

I came across Rapmant Mac a while back while I was trawling through Google looking to see how much Oxidizer was spreading and to see what people were creating with it. I had not exactly been pushing Oxidizer back then, mostly just posts to the Electric Sheep forum, so it was an interesting experiment in ‘word of mouth’. And there was this guy rendering who was the odd flame and had written a balanced mini review too. So I bookmarked the site, wrote a brief comment and made the occasional return to admire Scott’s flames and give, or response to, the occasional comment. In the end it became one of the sites on my RSS menu in Safari to make sure I do not miss a post.

A week or so ago while Scott approached me with the idea of making Rampant Mac a ‘landing site’ for Oxidizer users, a single site for user community complete with me blogging. I thought it would be a great idea, so here I am.

The next post will probably be a brief description of how Oxidizer works under the hood, why that changed massively between version 0.3 and 0.4 and may or may not be coming in 0.5 and why it’s not always my fault that Oxidizer crashes :0)

Finally, here’s a bit of a tip… Every time Oxidizer renders a still image and the progress dialogue is shown it writes the flam3 genome it is rendering to the console log. This includes rendering previews, the rendering of the thumbnails in the Breeder and the thumbnail rendered when copying a flame from the Breeder or Gene Pool to the main editor.

To view the Console log use Console.app it should show the latest log by default. To go further back in time…

  • Click on the ‘Logs’ toolbar item and find /Library/Logs in the tree view.
  • Open the ‘Console’ item .
  • Open the ‘501’ item

You should now see the last ten days worth of Console Logs.

You should be able to copy the flam3 genome to a text file and load it back in Oxidizer. Then the next thing you should then do is try and get Oxidizer to crash again, and once you get it down to load this flam3 flame and change this setting to this value, or load and render and it will crash then send me the flam3 file and detailed instructions on what to do.



  1. Scott Chitwood
         November 28, 2007

    Welcome aboard Dave!

    Question on the tip. Is the information in the log any different than a saving a .flam3 file prior to rendering? Just curious :^)

  2. David Burnett
         November 28, 2007

    The log will only contain the particular flame that was rendered so there will be less information, however what I did not make clear is that this is any attempt to render a still in the main editor will write ti the log, so it includes rendering previews and the initial thumbnail when you add a random flame or copy a breed flame into the editor. I think the breeder (but not the genepool) also does writes to the log which makes it when a flame still is rendered and the progress dialogue shows.

    I’ll think I’l edit the entry to make that clearer .

  3. Scott Chitwood
         November 29, 2007

    Had a chance to check out the tip and it was easy enough to located the very last Oxidizer information in the 501 console.log. From there it was just a matter of copy and paste the xml and flame data into TextEdit and saving as a .flam3 file. Opening the document gave me an exact copy of my existing .flam3 file that was previously saved. Neat!

    Good to have this info though for those odd occasions where I may have forgotten to save a .flam3 file before rendering.

    Console Log 501 .flam3

  4. Scott Chitwood
         November 29, 2007

    David Burnett said…

    The log will only contain the particular flame that was rendered so there will be less information…

    I overlooked this little item, it is an important distinction. I usually only keep one flame loaded in the list at anytime so I never really considered that thought.

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