One from Four

by Scott Chitwood • Monday November 5th, 2007
Posted in Desktop Gallery, Fractal Flames

This one is exactly what it says it is. One composition that was assembled from four unique Oxidizer renders; nothing more, nothing less.

The four renders were okay on their own, they just lacked the kind of motion and rampant chaos that I find attractive in these type of creations. Bound to one another, a fantastic array of shape and colour emerges from a primordial soup of binary digits. Mmmm, soup…

My usual Photoshop techniques were applied to the composition; lots of layer blending, a few filter treatments, gradient overlays, step-and-repeat of the soft background image, and whatever else that may have occured along the way.

One from Four

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Rendered in Oxidizer 0.3. Post processed in Photoshop CS.

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