Down by the River

by Scott Chitwood • Thursday November 1st, 2007
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Or over the river as it were. This scene is composed from a pair of photos snapped on October 20th while overlooking the Meramec River from an ancient span of old Route 66, a bridge that is only used these days to access a Missouri state park that was named after the great mother road.

The individual photos were stitched together in Photoshop CS and color balanced to match one another. The area where the images overlap was feathered by 50 pixels using various sized ovals to help break up the point of intersect. Those layers were merged and then copied so I could do a little selective blurring of the tree line along with some soft-edged erasing to create a variety of false focal depths.

The depths are purposefully all over the place because it was fun to do them like that and they kind of mess with your head too. Some areas work great and others are less than perfect but as an overall composition it isn’t too awful bad for a first effort.

Yeah, I’m plagiarizing Neil Young on the title but I think he would understand the muse of it. And speaking of the man, I’m looking forward to seeing himfor his Chrome Dreams II tour in just a few short weeks at the Fox Theatre in Saint Louis.

Down by the River

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