Site Critque: Time Window Images

by Scott Chitwood • Thursday September 27th, 2007
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I’m currently in the build process for Time Window Images and finally feel ready enough to toss it out there in the wild in order get some feedback.

The idea was to approach a photography site that isn’t built on a template system and is free of Flash elements. Pages are a static build with PHP includes for common items. Have learned a good deal of CSS along the way but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of it is less than perfect. On the plus side all pages are validating quite nicely. Have used an occasional table in the content area but have kept those to a minimal use.

Time Window Images

We did knowingly approach the graphic concept with a lot of transparent PNGs. Customer is aware that those won’t render on some older browsers (cough, cough, Internet Explorer) and we’re okay with that. Am in progress now with dropping content into sidebar categories. Still need to build individual photo pages that will link from album slideshows. Store may be as simple as an eBay page or we may use a third party service that is embedded at TWI. Am very open to suggestions on how to approach that angle of the site.

So, toss me a few words of constructive criticism in the comments if you have a moment or two. Thanks!


  1. CoffeeDaze
         September 28, 2007

    The site looks great! The design elements are simplistic and clean and the browsing is efficient with Firefox. The only thing I might recommend is blurring the background image or maybe making it blurred behind the windows so it is easier to view. As it is right now it seems a little distracting. With a little blur behind the windows it will give it the appearance of frosted glass without adding any extra load times. Just a thought.

    By the way, the photography is amazing!

  2. Scott Chitwood
         October 2, 2007

    Thanks for the good word CoffeDaze :^)

    Earlier site mock ups did have blurs behind the content area but the photographer chose to not go that route, reason being that he didn’t want to compromise what he considers a showcase image. There are some selective blurs applied to the perimeter of the image which did help the presentation quite a bit.

    There are some mighty fine photos in the collection, some that would make great desktops but I don’t think the photographer would want to put any kind of large images out there.

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