Waking Up from Summer Break

by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday August 22nd, 2007
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My unexpected and very extended summer break is just about over, look for new desktops and other goodies to hit the Rampant Ranch™ broadcast channel no later than the tail end of August. I’m thinking that this vacation is probably the longest stretch of time I’ve been idle in my web endeavors since I first went online back on August 8th of 1999. :^)

Not that I haven’t been watching from the sidelines here and there, especially in regards to Oxidizer. Plenty of great questions and comments have accumulated in the tutorial thread, and we even have some info posted by cloudy that details how to render an animation. Neat! Got that one on my list of stuff to do for sure. David Burnett released a new build of Oxidizer, version 0.4, on August 14th and has already updated it to 0.4.1 to kill a few bugs and make it compatible with genomes generated with flam3 2.7.5. I haven’t had an opportunity to play with the update but am looking forward to it!

Moving on to other projects and thoughts…

A good friend approached me awhile back in regard to hosting and building a website to showcase his budding photography skills. While there certainly isn’t a shortage of off-the-shelf Flash based site building tools out there his vision was to do something more unique and personal. A few mock ups later we arrived at a good starting point for the site layout and the coding got under way. The site, Time Window Images, is looking darn sweet at the moment! I’m especially proud to be having every page validate to WC3 xhtml 1.0 transitional. The build is in progress but feel welcome to poke around if you like.

And what of this site? What might the future hold for Rampant Mac? An idea that I’ve continually tossed back and forth under my wooly-pated noggin is whether or not to open up Rampant Mac to a select group of artists or to the GUI community at large. The same questions have also been asked by others. The idea is enticing but it also comes with a greater degree of responsibility, but I’m leaning closer to making it happen. What do you think? Is the Ranch™ a good fit for adding desktops, icons and who knows what else from the community at large? Drop a note in the comments or hit me with an email if you’d like to share your thoughts.

Let’s go off the deep end and have a little fun to close this post. Did you make your Simpsons character yet? Mine turned out fairly accurate :^)

Scott Simpson


  1. Don Larson
         August 24, 2007

    Hi Scott,

    During your vacation, I came across your site by way of Michael’s Mac. I learned about Oxidizer from your tutorial. Thank you!

    Since that time a few weeks ago, I have published many Desktop Backgrounds created by renderings of that application at the link below:


    Right now besides what’s there, I have over thirty more to publish in the next few weeks. Usually three times a week I update my site.

    Keep up the great work you are putting into your site.


  2. Dao-yin
         August 25, 2007

    Welcome back!

  3. Scott Chitwood
         August 26, 2007

    Hello Don, it’s nice to see you’re still out there doing your thing :^)

    30 new renders in line to publish? That’s amazing! I’ll have to wander on over to your place more often.

  4. Don Larson
         August 26, 2007

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    I really like your site. It’s very well laid out and attractive. I try to visit it every day now.

    Warmest regards,


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