iPhone Wall Pack: 3d

by Scott Chitwood • Thursday June 28th, 2007
Posted in iPhone Wallpapers

With a little less than a day left until the official arrival of the iPhone the thought came that perhaps I could shamelessy glom onto the hype with a release of some wallpaper images for use on everyone’s favourite new toy :^)

iPhone Wall Pack: 3day

Download » iPhone Wall Pack: 3d.


  1. Pyk
         July 20, 2007

    The background of the rampant-mac banner would make a sweet iPhone wall :)

  2. MergeMedia
         September 26, 2007

    Those are sweet! Good job, Scott!

    As a thank you, here’s some more iPhone Wallpapers which I recently slaved out with photoshop.

    URL: http://www.iphone-wallpapers.net/

    Enjoy, and thanks again!

  3. viper
         October 19, 2007

    good wallpaper

  4. iphone wallpapers
         January 21, 2008

    Totally good, Agreed.

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