Playlist: Grooves

by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday June 27th, 2007
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We’re all big fans of music, each of us with our own eclectic taste for genres and styles. Putting together a CD length playlist that flows nicely for the car or boombox can sometimes be a little challenging, so I thought it might be fun to share a few of my more successful attempts here at the Ranch. This first playlist, ‘Grooves’, came together over the past few weeks after several revisions to song selection and play order. It makes for good driving music in the Jeep and the family even seems to enjoy most of it too.

Got a playlist you’d like to share? Toss it in the comments! I’d love to see (hear) what you’ve got on the turntable :^)

  • A Man and a Woman » U2 » iTunes
  • Fly Like an Eagle (2005) » Les Paul & Steve Miller » iTunes
  • Not Coming Home » Maroon 5 » iTunes
  • Let Me Roll It » Les Paul & Richie Sambora » iTunes
  • Platinum Blond Life » No Doubt » iTunes
  • I’m Crying » Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers » Amazon
  • Airport » Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers » Amazon
  • Baby…Please » Dave Mason » iTunes
  • I Can’t Tell You Why » The Eagles » iTunes
  • So Into You » Les Paul & Peter Frampton » iTunes
  • Brother Louie » The Stories » iTunes
  • The Love Gangster » Stephen Stills » iTunes
  • Love to Burn » Neil Young & Crazy Horse » iTunes
  • Lady Marmalade » LaBelle » iTunes
  • Do You Feel Like We Do » Peter Frampton » iTunes

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  1. Dao-Yin
         July 14, 2007

    A summer playlist, eh?
    I’ll bite…

    • Mala Strana » The Homophones
    • Automatic Lover » Teddybears
    • I’m a Donkey for Your Love » BOAT
    • Insistor » Tapes n Tapes
    • Murder in Michigan » David Vandervelde
    • A Violent Yet Flammible World » Au Revoir Simone
    • Roundabout » Yes
    • Red Sea, Black Sea » Shearwater
    • What the F*** was That? » Evil Dead: The Musical
    • Kabuki » Longstone
    • River of Heaven » James Blackshaw

    Some of these tunes are family friendly….some….*cough*….a little less so.

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