Leopard Inset PS3 Theme by Cubixel

by Brook Gerard • Monday August 16th, 2010
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PS3 XMB theme based on the Leopard/Snow Leopard folder badges.  I have put them in their own context and the images are constructed entirely from scratch using Photoshop and PS3 Theme Builder.  The backdrop provided with the theme is also completely my own work, which was created using Oxidizer and Photoshop.  This version of the badge concept is designed to appear inlayed into the PS3 background.

Leopard Inset PS3 Theme by Cubixel

Download Playstation 3 Theme files  :  Leopard Inset PS3 Theme

I will be very specific here because I do not know each persons level of knowledge.

  1. Download the “.p3t.zip” file and decompress it.  Inside the “.zip” file you will find the “.p3t” file which stands for “Playstation 3 Theme”.
  2. You will need some kind of storage medium that is suitable for transferring the “.p3t” file to the PS3.  A flash stick or external drive is easy enough, note that PS3 favours the FAT32 format.  You will need to create the following directories.  In the root location create a directory called “PS3”.  Inside the “PS3” directory create another directory called “THEME”.
  3. Copy the “.p3t” file in to the “THEME” directory you created on the storage medium.
  4. Move the storage medium from the computer to the PS3.
  5. Once it’s connected to the PS3, navigate the XMB menu to the “Settings” icon.  Then move down to the item “Theme Settings” and press X.  Select the item “Theme” and press X.  Move all the way up to the item “Install” and press X.  If you have done the steps 2, 3 & 4 correctly you should see the hardware name of the storage medium selected in the middle of the screen, press X to enter it.  Now you should see the theme/s. Select the one you want to install and press X. It wont take long.
  6. You may need to activate the theme.  By default the item “Theme” should be selected (this assumes you didn’t navigate away after the install was completed).  Navigate to the theme in the list of themes you should now have onscreen and press X.  The item “Apply” should automatically be selected, press X.

That should be it, feel free to navigate away and take a look.  Also you might want to adjust some of the settings to your liking.  If I have made an error or would like more information please feel free to contact me and I will try to assist you at my earliest convenience.  Finally I can’t predict any changes that might be made by Sony that effect my instructions.  This is written as of version 3.41.


  1. Scott Chitwood
         August 16, 2010

    Something new and nifty :^)

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