The Return of the ‘King of all GUI’

by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday May 23rd, 2007
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Hold on to your hats boys and girls! Our old friend, and all around good guy, Michael Coyle has resurfaced in the Mac GUI community with a little patch of gravel dubbed Michael’s Mac. Woot-woot Daddy-O!

Michael’s Mac was created to share news on icons, desktops, and other GUI items for Mac OS X, along with an occasional tutorial and other neat stuff (like special interviews). The site also features a nifty system for uploading and sharing your desktop picture creations and Mac screenshots so you can show off your spiffed up interface with other kids in the room.

Being a user centric site, readers are invited to submit news, links to favourite sites, participate in the forum, and suggest ideas for site content too. Can the Shiny Dome O’ Mac Knowledge™ strike gold twice? Perhaps so.

Michael's Mac


  1. MacHeadCase
         May 29, 2007

    Well well well! That is very timely I would say!

    Love the new theme Scott. Totally cool!

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