by Scott Chitwood • Monday May 14th, 2007
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Quartz Composer Screen Saver.

One of the really neat things about using Xcode and the apps bundled with the package is the little batch of sample files that developers and users can make modifications to. These building blocks make great starting points that just about anybody can learn from. Having been modded from Apple’s “Mask Slide Show”, this screen saver is one such item.


Grabbing a user defined set of pictures Slideshow starts at the top level of the folder and displays the images in alphabetical order. A slow zoom brings the front image forward and the next image emerges as a pattern of rotating square tiles with blurred edges. Then the process repeats itself, working its way through the directory.

This mod also includes a white clock showing system time in the upper right corner. The clock can be disabled in the options and the color can be changed as needed to fit your particular whim. Position is set to a widescreen monitor so the clock may not display on 4:3 ratio or other monitor resolutions.

The default picture directory is set to Library > Desktop Pictures. User options allow it to be pointed to another location. Options are also enabled to let the user set the transition shape to one of three defined image patterns.

  • 1 = Cirlces
  • 2 = Hearts
  • 3 = Squares

Slideshow was was created on an iMac Core Duo, performance may take a serious hit or may not render on older systems.

Download Slideshow.

Requires Mac OS X 10.4, will not perform on prior releases of Mac OS X.

Copy to or install in: /Library/Screen Savers.

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