01-08-2010 b4 HR

by Scott Chitwood • Friday March 5th, 2010
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Peaking inside the mind of a madman, we see his file naming scheme is not so different than our own.  Hmmm…, we realize the world is not so strange as we thought it was.  But boy howdy is it ever full and crazy at the moment, here’s the short list of what’s keeping me busy these days.

  • The neighborhood rock band has been playing a few gigs with growing interest in doing more as we push towards the coming months.  Feel free to drop by our fabulous new web address, Mitchell Way.
  • And related to band activities; I’m spending lots of time getting familiar with doing multi-track mix downs in Garageband and Audacity.
  • Pacific Thunder Baseball is prepping for their 13u season.
  • A new grandchild due any day now; Emma Catherine.
  • We now have a Wii system, I’ve done pretty good and haven’t got drawn into playing it much.  Resistance may be futile.
  • And something new that I can’t share yet, but it’s pretty darn cool and is totally related to the primary directive of what we do here at the Ranch™ — sharing and displaying beautiful digital art.  More on that later.

01-08-2010-b4-HR by Scott Chitwood

Widescreen ( 16:10 )  :  1440×900  :  1680×1050  :  1920×1200  :  2560×1600
Widescreen ( 16:9 )  :  2560×1440  :  1920×1080
Fullscreen ( 4:3 )  :  1024×768  :  1600×1200
Tall Screen  :  1280×1024
Mobile  :  iPhone  :  iPad  :  Netbook

Rendered in Oxidizer 0.6.1.  Post processed for color values, contrast, and saturation.


  1. Zoozyq
         March 9, 2010

    Soft with hidden points: could this be a metaphor? LOL Attractive design and color set, Scott. And your list is captivating…sounds like the “good life” to me… :-)

  2. Cubixel
         March 10, 2010

    On that last note you have me eagerly awaiting. Cheers,.

  3. Scott Chitwood
         March 10, 2010

    @Zoozyq » Soft with hidden points…

    Interesting perspective, it’s always a treat to see how other view things :^)

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