iPhone Unlock Wallpaper Template by Cubixel

by Scott Chitwood • Monday January 18th, 2010
Posted in iPhone Wallpapers

I’ll be honest; I don’t have an iPhone so I never really gave a tremendous amount of thought to the process I’ve been using for creating iPhone wallpapers — just scale and crop to what suits my muse at that particular moment for each image.  Now, thanks to the efforts our good friend Cubixel, I can see how those off-the-cuff decisions play out.  But hey, this isn’t just about me; everyone can share in the fun!  In Cubixel’s own words…

I have created an iPhone template for saving time when making iPhone desktops.  Saves putting an image on the phone and playing with it and then reproducing that in Photoshop afterwards.  Construction file uses all vectors and styles, no raster data.  Got it very close, the thing that’s off the most is the time font.  Feel free to add it to your site resources for people to use.  Just credit me for it, not worried otherwise.

So toss up a big cheer and be sure to give your proper “props” to Cubixel!

iPhone Unlock Wallpaper Template by Cubixel

Download iPhone Unlock Wallpaper Template.


  1. Cubixel
         January 19, 2010

    Thanks Scott!

    The image up for download has been rasterised after I completed all the vectoring and stylings. It’s a much smaller file and transparent PNG. All you need to do is open this up in photoshop and either transfer a copy of it to your image making sure this clear data is the top layer, or visa versa copy your image into this file and put your image in a layer bellow this clear data.


  2. Cubixel
         January 19, 2010

    Oh then when your happy with your image as it would be seen in the iPhone, turn off or delete the clear layer and save.


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