Censorship Sucks

by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday January 6th, 2010
Posted in Desktop Gallery, Pop Culture

I can’t remember any particular motivation that inspired the creation of this little ‘toon way back in 1991 so I’m thinking it was just the brilliant irony of a knuckle-headed nimrod censoring a message about censorship.  Hope I didn’t make your head spin clean off your neckbone with that one!

The original art is black Sharpie® marker on graphic arts tracing paper.  I scanned it on our ancient Umax 1220U thanks to a tip for using old scanners posted at Mac OS X Hints.  Final step was to bring it into Photoshop for minor clean up and colorizing the background.

Censorship Sucks by Scott Chitwood

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  1. Cubixel
         January 6, 2010

    Thanks for the image and the tips. I have an ill supported scanner that still works fine except for the support. Cheers,.

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