Plasma Coil

by Scott Chitwood • Wednesday February 7th, 2007
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Look out kids, this crusty old Mac user has just crossed into uncharted territory here — creating a new series of desktops on a system running Windows 2000. Zoiks! What the heck is going on?

Don’t worry, I’m not about to give up my Mac — I just needed a secondary system in order to experiment with Apophysis, a nice little freeware fractal flame editor for Windows.

All things considered, Apophysis is easy to dig into and get creative with. On the downside, render time on this image was just a little over ten days. Yikes!

So, with “Plasma Coil”, a new series, “Apophrax”, makes its debut here at the Ranch. Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think :^) …and, if anyone can point me to an equivalent app for Mac OS X or Mac OS 9, I’d love to here about ’em!

Apophrax | Plasma Coil

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Preview details cropped area of 1024×768 image.


  1. Michael
         February 8, 2007

    You should try Qadrium Flame. Download it at It is not free, but it’s good.


  2. Rampant1
         February 9, 2007

    Thanks for the tip Michael. I had actually taken Quadrium 2 for a test drive recently and found it was a bit over my head, same thing with Flame — gave it a good shot, just doesn’t fit my work/creative methods.

  3. John Murphy
         February 23, 2007

    yeah I got quadrium 2 and with tak that set me back over 50 bucks then I discovered and downloaded Flame which they were looking for what would have been about another 40 including tax.

    quadrium is a nice program but there are better freeware apps for windows. Likewise there is Apo (even with it’s slow rendering time with the Flame 3 plug in its still way more attractive that having to spend even more money that I don’t have) Looked like for a minut that Qxidizer was manna from heaven but obviously not yet! Too many bugs and freezups of the editor – particularly when using the breeder. No Tutes and no help menu!

    Just don’t like it that every time you find a stable program on the Mac that there is an equally stable alternative for on Windows that the claw comes out withthe money magnet attached. I switched to Mac in September and loathe to switch on my Windows machine since. I hate WIndows but it looks like I will be switching it on again soon for Apo, sds max and xsi and not much more!

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