FusionOrb by Cubixel

by Brook Gerard • Friday October 30th, 2009
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FusionOrb, so called because of the origins being the mysterious arrival of the Orb.  Of course some scientists got their hands on it and utilised it to produce a fusion generator.  Why not hey!

Previously the original white (greyscale) version of this desktop was available at ResExcellence.  Since then I have not done anything with it till now.  So I loaded up the file and tweaked it heavily in Maya and then rendered it out with an all shiny new range of resolutions!  Tweaked further in Photoshop.

Modelled and rendered in Maya, post production in Photoshop.  Changed the background colour, added gradient and pattern to the background.  Finished up with specialised selections for the final resolutions; this was different to my normal procedure.



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  1. Scott Chitwood
         October 30, 2009

    Nice rework Cubixel!  Totally digging this on my desktop.  Gotta share this blast from the past with you :^)

    FusionOrb at ResExcellence

  2. Don Larson
         October 30, 2009

    Nice picture!

  3. Cubixel
         October 30, 2009

    Thanks Scott and Don.!

    Yep that’s the one! I was going to just re-render it, then I decided I wanted to use a different render engine (mental ray), then I thought, add occlusion! Yea. And hey it’s looking dark now. Tweak, Tweak, Tweak… Oh look there is not colour, bit boring. Oh yea the other cables never got the plaid-coaxil cabling… and so on.

    As an added note. While tweaking I thought I might do a companion one with the same treatment. Where the tentacles are removed. Holes in the ground and sphere are removed (except the large one in the ground) and having all the cables all pass down into the big hole in a tight bunch. Perhaps tightening the cables where they attach to the sphere. But I haven’t decided if the image in my head will actually look that good.


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