Spider Webs by Cubixel

by Brook Gerard • Thursday November 19th, 2009
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Ahh lets see.  Perhaps it represents the dusty, foggy, cobwebbed nature of my thinking lately!  That would explain all the correction emails I’ve sent Scott lately!  Sorry Scott, hope this makes it worth your time.

Interesting how I came about creating this.  I loaded the gene-pool breeder.  Filled it, then hit breed about 60 times without selection (inbreeding).  By this stage they all looked very much alike so I chose one and rendered it out.  It looked rubbish, the preview looked great though!  Anyway.  It was quite sluggish, then entering the X-Form editor I discovered why.  There were 722 X-Form layers!  So I experimented some more just deleting whole chunks and seeing what I got.  Eventually I ended up with just one and it’s wasn’t very nice.  But I started tweaking and editing from there and eventually ended up with this.

Oxidizer sl, no post production.


Spider Webs

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  1. Don Larson
         November 19, 2009

    I like it!

  2. Cubixel
         November 20, 2009

    Thanks. Cheers,.

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