MHPfractal0011: Nebulflamma

by Ontologic • Thursday October 29th, 2009
Posted in Desktop Gallery, Fractal Flames

One of my first fractals.  I’m not quite to Lua Scripts yet but I’m eagerly looking forward to it.  In the meantime I’ll try and share some of the non-scripted fractals I’ve made using Oxidizer.

It’s been far too long since I first contacted Scott regarding Oxidizer and now, when I’m sharing my first fractal.  I hope it meets everyone’s standards.  :-)

If you like, please drop by my Deviantart site, where I’ll also be sharing my fractal work.


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© 2009 Michael Penick, Creative Commons General License.

Rendered in Oxidizer 0.5.5.  Heavy post work in After Effects and Photoshop.


  1. Scott Chitwood
         October 29, 2009

    Great image for your first compostion Ontologic — thanks for sharing, and welcome to the Ranch™.  Hope to see more of your work soon.


  2. Don Larson
         October 29, 2009

    Very nice, thanks!

    I’ve got a few new Oxidizer creations on my site. There will be a new one there tonight, named, “Errant Passions” on the iMac Desktops page.

  3. Cubixel
         October 29, 2009

    Nice flow, love the colours! Cheers,.

  4. ontologic
         October 31, 2009

    Thanks! I downloaded Oxidizer 6 just a couple of days ago (I had to thanks to the Snow Leopard update) and I’m so glad I did. There’s so many more ways to tweak things. I’m really jazzed about what I’m getting out of it now but I’ve still got old ones to share first. Thanks for the kind words! I draw stuff for a living, so I’m used to putting my stuff out there in front of people but for some reason I’m more nervous about sharing this stuff. Weird.

  5. Cubixel
         October 31, 2009

    I checked out your deviant art page a couple of days ago and saw that you have some impressive drawing skills there. Cheers,.

  6. ontologic
         November 1, 2009

    Thanks. That’s what pays the bills.

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