Plasticene Frog

by Scott Chitwood • Monday October 26th, 2009
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What is it that wades through the womb of night feeding on the nectar of our dreams?  Don’t lick the frog, for it feasts without malice or remorse.  Lick the frog if you dare, for fear is the key to imagination.

This genome was created with Ralf’s Simil4 Lua script.  Rendered image was a little too busy (for my tastes) in the center area so I cut a soft-edged hole in it and aligned another copy underneath.  Soft glow and saturated colors were achieved with manicho’s ‘Colorful Glow’ action and Layer blending.

Plasticene Frog

Widescreen ( 16:10 )  :  1440×900  :  1680×1050  :  1920×1200  :  2560×1600
Fullscreen ( 4:3 )  :  1024×768  :  1600×1200
Others  :  1280×1024  :  iPhone  :  Netbook

Rendered in Oxidizer 0.5.2.  Post processed in Photoshop CS.


  1. Cubixel
         October 26, 2009

    Hey nice work! Cheers,.

  2. Cubixel
         October 29, 2009

    That’s a nice script. Kinda takes the fun out of it a bit. But does provide ample examples to study. One just has to resist the urge to 1. keep one in ten; and 2. post work right out of the script results.


  3. Scott Chitwood
         October 29, 2009

    As with generating genomes in the Gene Pool, Ralf’s scripts act a great starting point that can help new users discover shapes/forms they might not otherwise find without prolonged use of Oxidizer and in depth study of the underlying math concepts.

    Cross-breeding the genomes and otherwise pushing them along the evolutionary path is where each artist is able to take ownership of the end results and can hopefully establish a stylistic theme that is uniquely theirs.

  4. Cubixel
         October 29, 2009

    Indeed. A lot also comes down to personal taste. I ran a curiosity test, I increased the number to generate to 1000 and rendered good quality preview sizes so see what a large scale scope of the script would be. I noticed repetitive theme through the lot. Upon a very close inspection, I find most have serious flaws, there have been one or two that would satisfy me to DL as they were.

    Cheers,. Brook

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