Tannenbaum 2006

by Scott Chitwood • Monday December 11th, 2006
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Number 8 in the series glows with a mellow gold background and a tree that was drawn in Illustrator from a scan of a rough sketch. The background was cobbled together from various sections that use a Dragon Tongue Photoshop layer style for colour and gradient as the starting point. The dove is borrowed from a decorative font set, DF Calligraphic Ornaments.

Tannenbaum 2006

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  1. Phil Hubbard
         December 12, 2006


  2. Jeff
         December 15, 2006

    As always, great work! Your Tannenbaum desktops are my one nod to the season every year.

  3. Rampant1
         December 17, 2006

    Thanks guys! It amazing how these things take on a little life of their own :^)

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