Winter Holiday GUI Adventure Guide

by Scott Chitwood • Monday November 27th, 2006
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Hey kids! It’s time to break out your secret decoder ring and play along at home in our first annual attempt at compiling a list of GUI Goodies to help you trim your desktop in a cheery Winter Holiday theme.

I’ll start the list with a few items of interest — then it’s your turn to share your favourite icons, desktops or wintery whatevers. Hop into comments section to add links to the Winter Holiday GUI Adventure Guide — it’s fun and easy! Please don’t link directly to files or images owned by other artists, sites or communities. As an alternate method, I’d be more than happy to accept links via email.

Holiday GUI

Our snazzy little preview showcases some mighty fine Winter Holiday GUI.

The lights and holly around the edge of the desktop are powered by MacLampsX, a Mac OS X native app that is similar in function to Holiday Lights for Mac OS 9; the idea is simply to draw strings of lights around the sides of your display.

And how about that floating Snö? It doesn’t get any easier than this handy little application that can also be run as a screensaver module. Snö features configurable snowflakes that offer you full control of transparency, size, environmental variables and more.

Icons you say! Where do that cute little Snowman and Candy Cane hail from? You’ll find those, along with more of Eugen Buzuk’s talented work, at IconDrawer.

The desktop picture is an image from my Tannebaum series.


  1. Rampant1
         November 30, 2006

    A search at MacUpdate reveals a good amount of Holiday stuff; screensavers, applications, icon sets, games, and more. If you’d like to drop a little lighted tree on your desktop there are a few of those to choose from in the search results. My personal favourite of the tree applications is v1.0 from OneToad Design. While it lacks the any kind of user configurable prefs it is the one tree that looks at home on Mac OS X.


  2. Phil Hubbard
         December 4, 2006

    We’re all waiting with bated breath for Tannenbaum #8!!!!

  3. Rampant1
         December 4, 2006

    In progress Phil – I’ll toss up a screengrab a little later today :^)

  4. Phil Hubbard
         December 4, 2006

    You Rock-I’ve got the other 7 rotating every hour on my desktop-keep up the good work-love the sight!

  5. Rampant1
         December 4, 2006

    All seven rotating? Nothing like a little pressure to keep me motivated :^)

    Here’s a little sneak peak of the 2006 edition, hit the preview for a larger image. Am drawing in Illustrator from a quick sketch that was scanned.

    T2006 snap

  6. Phil Hubbard
         December 5, 2006

    excellent! can’t wait.

  7. Phil Hubbard
         December 5, 2006

    Scott-Christmas wish for all of us-1400×900 versions of all Tannenbaum desktops!


  8. Rampant1
         December 5, 2006

    That’s one Christmas wish I can’t deliver — layered files for those older designs were lost long ago…

  9. Phil Hubbard
         December 5, 2006

    Oh well, they’re beautiful as they are!

  10. Rampant1
         December 11, 2006

    Ooops. Looks like I spoke too soon. Just ran across the layered files for the 2001 edition saved in a strange location, wide screen variants now available for download.

  11. Rampant1
         December 17, 2006

    Here’s a little something different, and it certainly isn’t a GUI item. This ancient MP3 recording (from November 1989) is song called The Christmas Blues. Not a gem of a tune by any stretch of the imagination but we did have some fun with it on a Thursday evening way back when.

    The Christmas Blues
    Recorded November 1989
    Copyright Scott Chitwood, James Weatherford and Cary Riley
    Scott Chitwood – Vocals
    James Weatherford – Lead, Rhythm and Bass Guitars
    Cary Riley – Drums/Percussion
    Analog to digital conversion by John Faller

    Called up Santa on the telephone
    But lordy, lord, he wasn’t home
    His old lady she done told me
    Child call back after three
    Merry Christmas to you! I got the Christmas blues!

    Called up Santa on the telephone
    It was quarter to five
    They say he hung up in traffic, baby
    Down on Highway Fifty-Five
    Merry Christmas to you! I got the Christmas blues!

    Called up Santa on the telephone
    Wanna speak to the man in red
    He been on a three day drunk
    Can’t get him out of bed, no
    Merry Christmas to you! I got the Christmas blues!

    Called up Santa on the telephone
    Mister Santa I’m sittin’ jail
    Here it is, Christmas morning
    Won’t you come and post my bail
    Merry Christmas to you! I got the Christmas blues!

    Well I woke up this morning
    Whatdya think, whatdya think I see
    Hey baby, isn’t that Santa Claus down over there
    Down cell number three
    Merry Christmas to you! I got the Christmas blues!

    I called out, “Hey Santa Claus!”
    I could see his eyes was red
    He been drinking too much bourbon, little bit scotch and maybe some gin
    And he done and, he wrecked his sled
    Merry Christmas to you! I got the Christmas blues!

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